My twitch channel

ahem… shameless plug!

With jokes aside, i’m attempting to stream and a new stream will go live today!

I’m not asking you to watch it, I just want feedback and what to improve

Here’s some notes:

I’m NOT going to enable face cam

Edit: I’m probably gonna have a link for donations to help me a bit

I have no set schedule as of now

If this breaks the TOS of (I’ve read it, doesn’t say anything about this) feel free to delete it :slight_smile:

My Twitch Account


Some Notes:

Fixed My Mic; All works smooth!
Fixed most of the lag by lowering bitrate to 2500
I now have a schedule…crazy right

Monday, Tuesday and Sunday will be something random from my Steam Library.

Wednesday will be something weird and random, that’s why i um…“cleverly” called it Wacky Wednesday…hehe

Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be a series
Here are the current series taking place

THURSDAY AND FRIDAY: Dungeon Of The Endless
SATURDAY: Deadlight


Well, good luck. I’m not one for watching gaming via Twitch or YouTube for that matter but I wish you the chance of some success.

A’ the best.


Thanks man!


@Agzer, good luck to you!

I do not watch anything on Twitch, I only watch a few short video clips (Youtube) here and there whenever I have some time. Usually I prefer to play myself instead of watching someone else play.


Haha me too, it’ll be cool talking to the twitch community while i game though!


What time are you going live? I may check it out, seeing as it is you. :wink:

I think I can donate some funds via Amazon/Twitch Prime to you as well, if you have that set up (which I doubt you do, ATM) but I am not sure how that works.

Need any help, give me a shout.


My gaming moments are usually not spectacular, unless I die in a spectacular way. So I wouldn’t want to put anything showing my “abilities” out there for everyone to see… :stuck_out_tongue:

But if that’s your thing, then absolutely go for it! :slight_smile: Also, I cannot talk when I play, I tried doing that at one point, and it was a total disaster… I start jumbling what I am saying with what’s on the screen. It was a hot mess anyway…

Not trying to discourage you, but it’s an extra skill set that I do not have. I do hope you do well with it!


You really don’t need to donate aha, i’m fine as it is :). I’m probably going to be streaming from 6pm (BST, London) to 8pm. As i said, i have no set schedule so i might be off! I think I do have a donation set up via streamlabs but i honestly dont know


Haha, thanks man. Yeah, i understand what you’re saying as i sometimes have that while talking to my friends on discord but very rarely


A few things before you start;

  1. What game(s) are you looking to play?
  2. Have you tweaked the settings yet on OBS or whichever program you are using so you don’t have buffering/pixelation?
  3. Don’t expect more than 1 viewer for at least a week or two when starting on Twitch because its ridiculously over saturated. On that same note interact with your chat/viewers even when your chat is dead. (I personally hate joining in a stream and the streamer is dead quiet because they’re waiting for chat to engage them.)
  1. Some indie games, some AAA games (not that much tho). Mainly games on my steam library that I enjoy

  2. Yup, although i might have to test stream it to see if it’s good

  3. Yup I know :). I’ll try to speak a lot but sometimes when i’m doing a boss fight or something i’ll stay a bit quiet as i’m tryna focus


Just edited the post


Streaming now!


Hey man, seems like I missed you! But good luck with the streaming. I only have a twitch account because very rarely (read once every couple of months) watch something there. Like when Michael from Vsauce did an interview there.

Anyways, I’ll see if I can catch you next time. (:


Good Luck! I’ll send a follow your way and stop in when i see you’re online.


u stopped already?

well, just watched yr 1min vod and followed u, lol, didn’t seem to work right though, more like powerpoint presentation, also hope u can get a better mic over time cuz the sound is quite awful


Twitch is a good place but…
I never watch it :confused:


this reminds me to go watch Liweeeeeeeek


Yeah, I messed up the audio and video bitrate so it was all over the place. I’m watching tutorials on how to fix it though.


k gl will check u out sometime

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