My Steam is bugging out

I can’t see my own or anyone else’s games when i click on “games” on someone’s profile; this is what it looks like:

It’s been several days now, and my Steam is updated.

The Steam discussions also bug out for me; this is what it looks like:

These features work just fine in Google Chrome; they just bug out in the Steam client itself.

Anyone know anything? I don’t want to reinstall cuz i have tons of games installed and limited internet…


no clue what’s acting up for you with your current issue, tried clearing the clients cache? (or opting out of beta?)
other than that:
when you go for a reinstall steam, never, delete, everything

you go to your steam folder and you mark everything EXCEPT steamapps and userdata folder(and the Steam exe), -and only delete the rest, which is a 30sec re-download/install


hm, did it now, but no cigar, and thx for the info


(sry, couldn’t help it) :joy:

-still better than Steam Support :grin:


I imagine this is just because of the overloading on the servers due to sales. I mean, a small company like Valve doesn’t have the resources available to invest in upgrades to handle sales traffic, I am sure… :roll_eyes: