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My Steam account was stolen.


Hi my lovelies, I’m actually having a Mobile authenticator issue and I’m wondering if any of you had this problem before:

I’m not receiving codes anymore.

What happened was I unninstalled Steam Mobile Authenticator when going on my trip, in case my phone got stolen, etc. Did the same for Google and other things.

However, I didn’t disable it for security reasons. Instead, I made the backup codes list. I have 40 backup codes to log into steam, but I’ll run out of them eventually.

So I’m wondering wth I’m not receiving codes now that I reinstalled the app, especially since I never disabled the authenticator feature.

Thoughts? Thanks :hugs:


OMG steam is so stupid. Basically I had to log out, attempt to log in, say I didn’t have access to the authenticator codes anymore, say I would like to use this phone as my new authenticator phone, wait for a text message, enter the code and vois-lá! Goddamit, Steam.




Steam ⇔ stupid = ✓

^never sarcasm :+1: :blush:


It’s only a matter of time before we are all absorbed into the entity known as Epic Store.