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My Late Birthday Giveaway(closed)





Hee hee, yup tension! In all fairness, that’s a lot of games to go through and send out. :slight_smile:


And now the waiting begins. Good (retroactive) luck to everyone!


A big thank you to the birthday tiger, I will always remember these caterpillars!


Big thanks for the giveaway and I think I’ll just live it here:


I’m too impatient to wait at least 16hrs to make more PMs…so would the following people please PM me? If I haven’t received a PM from y’all by the time I can PM again, then I shall continue the PMs.

Group 1:

@Pylinaer, @PoM07, @punk, @rporter711, @sluz, @simonhk101, @Strifeborne


Group 2:

@THEFIREGAMER123, @themadmax, @urbivore, @Vindace, @wasabiyoyo, @yitzilitt, @zoex


Well with giveaway over i can now just >observe everything from afar. :wink: :wink:


Wait, so who won?
Who had the best pun?





Just got the PM and the game, again, thank you very much!!! Time to turn into a Harry Potter wannabe and crack some skulls! :raised_hands:


Thank you for the giveaway :smiley: Everything went smoothly. Also


Everyone’s a winner as far as puns go, but my favorite has to be:

Okay, all PMs have been sent out, just waiting on 2-3 people to respond. Thank you all for the fabulous puns and birthday wishes. They have made my week. Keep an eye out for my next giveaway.


Aw shucks :blush: