My Ex Always Had a Corona In His Hand.........

I wonder what he’s drinking now…Not really!!!

Before we totally ruin @Shalandir’s thread about his experience and defeat of Corona, let’s just make a new one for experiences, tips for boredom, our fears and strengths. Have you seen/heard something that made you happy or angry? Anything goes…You can make as many comments as you wish. Need to play a video…Do it…

Just try to not get political because this virus hasn’t.

Here’s some stuff for the boredom…

I have a friend who has been MIA for over 3 weeks and I had one die 3 days ago. He was in his 80’s and had been sick. Didn’t die of Corona but we still can’t meet and grieve together or hug his wife or have a celebration or life or anything.

So far 2020 has been one sucky year!!!



I’m worried about permanent lung damage if I get coronavirus. I damaged my lungs a while back and making it worse or dying makes me nervous.

I’m also worried about the report from South Korea of the Coronavirus re-emerging in recovered people. Meaning it might be a type of “tolerant” disease. (Susceptible, vulverable to disease. Tolerant, contracts disease but never completely defeats it. Resistant, contracts disease and fights it off.) Which makes me worried that there are asymptomatic carriers.

I need a bunker to hide in. I’ll reemerge in 10 years or so.


Got this from my SIL a few days ago. She’s a Registered Nurse in an ICU.

For those of you that love a health care worker…be patient with us, we are carrying burdens and worries we can’t discuss with you.
We feel unsure, we are questioning everything we used to know, we are scared for our families, we are scared for ourselves, we feel unprepared to fight this fast-changing elusive killer, we feel guilty for increasing the risk for our love ones. We are obsessively thinking…did I wash my hands enough, did I not touch my face today, is changing outside and going straight to the shower going to be enough to keep my loved ones safe? Are we going to run out of PPE? Is it safe to change the PPE recommendations because we don’t have enough to go around? Did I have the virus on me when I walked into my elderly patient’s room? Will I be the one that gives her the virus that ends her life?
The gyms are shut down, our social outlets removed, churches closed. We struggle to sleep even though we know we need sleep to stay healthy and sharp. We want to hug our children but are too afraid. We want to see our parents, friends, love ones, the people we turn to when we need to feel loved and reassured. But that would be foolish and risky.
We are concerned about our work family. We see the stress on their faces. We know our leaders are feeling the weight. They are trying to make the right decisions when no one really knows what the right decisions are.
The recommendations are changing daily. We are spending hours reading, learning, thinking through scenarios. Trying to be prepared for the unknown. We want to provide the best care to our patients and remain safe.
Our patients can no longer have their loved ones with them. We are now their nurse, daughter, preacher, sister, friend. We are their reassurer, voice of reason, the soft-hearted, strong backed person they can rely on.
…so for those of you that love a health care worker, be patient with us, we are struggling.


A friend of ours just dropped off at our door some homemade masks she made with pockets. Won’t take any money for them. Amazing.

Plus our government is giving all the poor kids iPads and free wifi so they can use on line schooling…


Well i guess this place is as good as any for this .

So finally Corona Virus touched my life in a direct way,well almost.

I was really close to losing my job , and while it’s not safe in a long run at least for now i get to keep it. My direct supervisor managed to convince owner of firm i work at that i fall under ‘essential staff’ .

So yeah,im not one to panic , keeping mostly chill during this crisis, following guidlines of our doctors and healthcare professionals and trying to maintain as much of my normal life as any time but this was really unpleasant experience. I have never been fired in my life :smiley: I guess this one wouldnt count as well since it’s all due to financial reasons but still.


Here’s some more info for kids…


I’m really glad you didn’t! And I hope you manage to keep it throughout.But I know what you mean. It wouldn’t be fired though right? It would be retrenched? I also have never been fired but I did get retrenched recently and it is a really sucky feeling because you feel like you’re at fault even though you really aren’t. So touchwood nothing does happen, but if it should, know you aren’t to blame :sunflower:


Agh i wasnt familiar with ‘retrenched’ term but yeah. Feeling is really bad siunce it’s out of your control mostly … money turnover is down and you are just not needed anymore.

I hope you will be fine money and in all other senses ,dear :slight_smile:


Heard from my friend…YEA!!! Now doing taxes…


Yep it snowed here this weekend…Yea ME!


Here’s a message from Wil Wheaton whose’s motto is “Don’t be a dick”. We ARE ALL in this together.