My coins went?

Logged into today to get some amazing coins from the daily deal, all of a sudden my coins were at 0?
Clicked to get coins from the coin button, gave me some coins and opened my third day spree chest and I was at 177 coins, still not sure why this is happening.

I havent spent my coins on anything…

Please check your PMs.

Hi I have this problem too and would really appreciate some help. Thanks!

Yeah i have same problem some one help PLS !

Hey lonin help me too on PMs please!!!

Same problem for me mate.
I should have had exactly 1481 coins by now but it shows 417 for me (and that’s gonna disappear soon I guess).
Is this supposed to happen or?
Cheers! :slight_smile:

I’ve got this problem too. Super annoyed about it.

wow, well at least you did use the search function.
Did the recent thread not show up? Or did the solutions not work for you?

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tl;dr log in and log out – fixes it


As a computer programmer who has been through both databasing and web design courses i understand these issues all to well, Keep on keeping on Chrono Crew, you have my sympathy. :v:

This has happened to me twice now, one of which was this same issue this thread is about but I found a quick solution, which worked each time it has occurred. It was quite easy to do and perhaps, maybe YOU can do it too.

Follow these steps below, just in case this happens to you again.

  • 1. Step One: Sign Out.

  • 2. Step Two: Sign In.

Problem solved?

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