Moto x4 I got a new phone want to share

GSM + CDMA / 4G LTE Capable
Works with Google Fi
North American Variant
Android One Edition
12 + 8MP Rear Cameras + 16MP Front
2.2 GHz Snapdragon 630 Octa-Core CPU
64GB Storage Capacity + 4GB RAM
5.2" IPS LCD Touchscreen Display
IP68 Water/Dust Proof + Gorilla Glass 3
Android 7.1 Nougat

So I got a new Moto x4 for $200. Can upgrade to Android pie also came with a screen protector and a ting mobile sim card w/ $120 credit ($10 a month). great deal I think! Wanted to share if anyone is looking for a new phone and wanted to see if anyone has used a Moto x4 or ting mobile.


Have one right here, solid device with subpar camera. It’s a bit too big for my taste, but I enjoyed using it nonetheless. Would recommend to anyone who isn’t after “heavy” mobile gaming and/or a great camera.

PS: My experience comes from the European variant with only 3GB of memory and 32GB of storage

Edit: If you are after a phone with a better cam in that price bracket consider the Moto G5 Plus


When i read moto i instantly thought the old school brick ones, actually quite cool. That seems decent though as a deal idk tho im in the uk so i cant judge prices.
Meanwhile me on a samsung phone lol