Mortal Shell - free beta - EGS

Mortal Shell beta is up for free at EGS.
It’s just a beta, but the game looks amazing.


This game has really good trailers, but when they showed gameplay it looked rough.

I haven’t played it, but read some comments from people who did it and the feelings are mixed.

Hopefully they can improve it with the feedback from this beta.


Just looking at the trailers and in game enemies gave me the Sekiro feels (and apparently it’s supposed to), so yeah. It looks great. I’d be so in but I don’t see specs and more than likely, le potat can’t run it at all.

Edit: Processor aside, once again foiled by Pixel Shader 5. shakes fist


I saw this and it looks amazing! No way I’ll be able to run this game though. I also have a potato too like @Danacscott does. The souls games are definitely some of my favorite games. If not my favorite. They are just sooooooo damn good. I simply love them.