More giving away free stuffs

So yea, apparently it’s not a great idea to browse things and buy stuff online when you haven’t slept in a couple of days, especially if a site don’t notify you of purchasing multiple/duplicates… oh well, more games for you guys!

please only ask for something if you will actually use it, and try limit it to one request per person so more people can join in and get some pressies
(first-come-first-serve like the others)

Viscera Cleanup Detail + Viscera Cleanup Detail - House of Horror DLC
Totalbiscuit on the matter of cleaning up in space

Totalbiscuit on UnEpic stuff and dark castles and how it all might be epic

Totalbiscuit on shooting, dying and “why insurgents”-and not zoidberg?

Freedom Planet
Totalbiscuits opinion on why other planets should have freedom and liberty for all and how come hedgehogs aren’t best for the job anymore

Skullgirls + Skullgirls 2nd Encore Upgrade DLC
Totalbiscuit, man with law degree he totally didn’t download online, explains to us why letting girls fight on a stage is morally right and freakin awesome. More skulls of girls!

Lethal League
Totalbiscuit, and friends, aims to teach us why we absolutely should play “baseball tag” and do so indoors, as playing ball indoors is clearly the best place to do it.

Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball
Totalbiscuit sets out to convince us exactly why the disco era was the best, and why it had a severe lack of dodgeballs, because when you mix the two with our robot overlords this happens:

Totalbiscuit sadly has no memory of Memoria, because very very busy man and trying out top hats, because finding the perfect one takes precedence

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut
Totalbiscuit was too busy hiding in his office, closet, bed, when spooky stuff went about, and thus has no comment on supposed things that may or may not scare you. In short; Totalbiscuit and affiliates is in no way liable if you happen to die from any premonitions whatsoever.

(and yes i realize i’m promoting Totalbiscuit a lot, and that you might be busy watching a video while someone else sneaks in a game bid. But have you seen the man’s top hat and heard his accent!? Support this subject of her majesty the queen! twirls moustache and corrects monocle)

Edit: (strikethroughs, typos etc)
All keys send, best to you all, and hope you enjoy the games


freedom planet pleeease

Skullgirls + Skullgirls 2nd Encore Upgrade DLC please.

Hi, can I have this one? (Memoria)

Hi. I have wanted to try Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball for a while. Thanks in advance.

I’d like deadly premonition, please. Thank You

Lethal league please =)

I would like to try Viscera Cleanup Detail, a few of my friends have it so I might get them to play with me. Thanks for your generosity anyways!

Not looking for anything just wanted to be the guy that comments on how he’s so appreciative on everyone that’s contributing to this forums golden age of giveaways.



Insurgency please.

Can I have UnEpic? thank you so much <3

I was also gonna ask for UnEpic, but it looks like I was too late…

yea, so sorry, only have the 1 key,

yup, that seems to be it, can’t find anymore keys and all these appear to have been handed out
thank you all for coming, see you next time i do silly stuff

Thanks, and likewise,
the Chrono community seems to be on the nicer side when it comes to giveaways, and participants respective and polite too, so doesn’t seem like a bad place to give a little
not all keys deserve to end up in the Game Hole or just collecting dust
and it’s never bad to give


Thanks for doing this! You’re the real MVP !! :smile: