Modern Warfare Open Beta

Hey everyone. If anyone on PS4 wants to get into the Modern Warfare open beta early, you can get a free code from the following link. It will go f2p later on anyway, but you might want to take advantage of this now so you can play it more. Furthermore, you should leave the beta downloaded for next weekend when another beta will start.

For those of which, want to play on PC or XBOX. I believe the beta starts on the 20th, or somewhere around there. I did have a chart saying everything but it would appear I have deleted it.

My Opinion:
I got to play the alpha (which was really a marketing scheme) and I had a lot of fun. I’ve never been a fan of this game franchise, I was always for Battlefield which I still love. But this COD game is actually really good with basically a complete re-work with a new engine. I had a blast playing the 2v2 mode, it’s not something I’d play much of probably just for missions to unlock stuff. The gunplay and movement has seen an awesome change, its not generic anymore. It doesn’t have the arcady feel like the other COD games do. The beta here has capture zones or something. Can’t wait to play it. I do suggest you all try it out at some point. This game could end up being one of the best FPS shooters out there. (It will never replace Bad company 2, that game will forever hold a place in my heart) Anyway enough rambling, just go download it if you have a PS4 it’s well worth it.