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I am not really into playing games on my phone more or less because i need a certain level of involvement and interaction to feel engaged with a video game and for the most part most mobile games do not offer that kind of depth secondly well im super paranoid with my phone certain games almost feel like they are melting the phone XD

Mobile games seem to have turned the corner (out of nowhere) these games are much closer to their pc/console counterpart (fortnite/cod/pubg incredibly impressive stuff) but what really blew me away is this Black Desert Online Mobile
I havent played an MMO in years last ones were FF14 and GW2
Its kinda mindblowing to me what they were able to achieve and pack into a mobile mmo, sure its far from being a 1-1 of the pc version but none the less most of the core elements are there and while “auto play” isnt for everyone i think in a game like this (mmo) ai carrying you through the less interesting grindy bits is kinda great.

Is anyone else playing it?
Jpixel is my name on there feel free to add me.

i have never played lineage perhaps its just as impressive tech wise


I play BDO some, not tons. I’m strictly F2P, still enjoying it. I played lineage as well, and am finding it better overall. I keep auto run and auto combat off and find it a lot more fun overall then with it on. Good mechanics, and I already posted how amazing the character creator is in BDO mobile.


I’ve seen Black Desert Online on the App Store for a while, but ignored it mostly based on the fact that I thought it was going to be stuffed with microtransactions.

I’m going to try it out.

Hey, same here! Great to see that a mobile game is (somewhat) F2P friendly.


Indeed. I know I’ll never get all the super fancy stuff but I joined at launch and got a pretty good amount of specialty items from that, so that was cools.

And yeah! I can’t be bothered to spend money on games like this or gacha games. For the gacha games though it’s cause I’m afraid I’ll just want to spend more if I start.


Feel free to add me
Lonely archer haha


If you have amazon prime they have a good amount of goodies but need to link accounts through phone