Mobile Game Shenanigans

Hey guys!
Been curious about what mobile games you all have been vibing to lately. I’m always looking for more games to play, and lately I play mobile games a lot since my commute to and from work is where I get most of my gaming done!
Lately I mostly play PokemonGo, Pokemon Masters, Tap Titans 2, and a couple of rhythm games (Cytus, BangDream, Deemo).
What games do you all like to play on your phone?

(also if anyone who plays pokeGo wants to exchange friends codes I gift often ^^)


This is what I got installed, I just play it randomly and sometimes with a friend, not really into the mobile. If anyone has good co-op suggestions, I’d be interested to hear :slight_smile:

  • Mad Skills BMX 2
  • Soul Knight
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions
  • Plague Inc
  • Cytus
  • Bowmasters
  • Pokemon Masters
  • Super Toss the Turtle
  • Skater

The only mobile game I play daily right now is Pokemon Rumble Rush. It’s not great but it sure is… something.


My games:

  • Gumballs & Dungeons
  • Where’s My Water?
  • Where’s My Perry?

DS to Mobile ports:

  • Professor Layton and the Curious Village
  • Layton’s Mystery Journey

Up 9… it’s ridiculous addictive…

If you play enough, it’s worthwhile to pay to get rid of ads…


I have installed:
Plague, Inc
Sudoku Epic
Star Ocean: Anamnesis
Riptide GP: Renegade

Other games I have played:
Fire Emblem (I forgot full name)
Valkyrie Crusade
Pocket Mine
Blendoku 1 and 2
Bejeweled Classic
Bejeweled Blitz
Emulators (RetroArch and DraStic)
Mahjong Epic


I mostly play DBZ Dokkan battle and Pokémon go. Shoot me a message if you play either and want me on your friends list!


I rarely play on my phone but here are couple of games I consider to be good:

  • Monument Valley
  • I Love Hue
  • Lines - Physics Drawing Puzzle

What’s this? :o
I love Star Ocean


Woah!!! Good to see @Evranu back. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Monument Valley and 2048 lately. I have over 5 million on 2048. My BIL keeps trying to beat me…


Thank you @delenn13 :heart:


Wait someone else plays Girls Band Party?
That one is the one I’m most vibing with right now but I also play Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator and Postknight. Both simple games but enjoyable in their own rights, although the former’s Endgame is better than the latter


Bandori is really amazing, would definitely recommend (+ microtransactions aren’t bullshit). A boy band update is coming out soon.

Some other mobile games
Free games

  • Dadish
  • Wordscapes Search
  • Stick Fight: FW
  • Ballz

Paid games

  • Stardew Valley (amazing game - got it on sale)
  • Polytopia

Yup. It had real time battles and Lemme go look at how big it is…

Well… FUCK. that sucks… Sorry I got your hopes up. I didn’t realize they axed it.


Wait, what?

Due to an uproar of worried fans that the characters from Girls Band Party! will have to interact with male characters, Takaaki Kidani, Bushiroad’s President, clarified that the male project will not mix and interact with the existing project. He later added his personal view that he does not want to see males in the current BanG Dream project, except for the characters’ fathers.
I know it’s a cop-out link. I’m curious as to where you get this info from.


Oh well xD I guess I missed out hehe


Pokemon Go (9968 8335 0499), Final Fantasy 4, RuneScape mobile, Heroes Magic War, Mobius Final Fantasy


Gonna add you on PokeGo when I get a chance!


Reviving this thread to see if ppl are still interested:
Played that new Crash Bandicoot mobile game released recently. It’s honestly jarring to see the Candy Crush guys publishing it but remember that Activision owns them now : P
Anyway it’s a decent enough game: not an endless runner per se unless you go for the collection runs, which can run endlessly but would end with rewards once you find a home path. Note that the game isn’t super lite in terms of size and requirements: expect 30fps for mid range


I haven’t played on my phone much, partly because I’m focusing on my 3DS/Vita backlog and partly because my Xperia Play finally died for good last year (and I’ve been procrastinating finding a phone controller for my new phone)…and partly because I don’t travel as much as I used to, so I’m spending more time playing my Steam games.

However, I did play Cat Quest recently and found it to be pretty mediocre. Having a low variety of enemies and simplistic combat is one thing, but the game doesn’t use level design to make you rethink how you need to approach them, so the game gets quite repetitive. Plus, the game makes you grind on sidequests before you can return to the main quest and deal more damage to the boss than the boss can heal back.

Beyond that, I’ve been going to this site which lists formerly-paid iOS apps that became free, so that’s nice if you don’t want to spend money but also don’t want to deal with stereotypical “freemium” games (I found one for Android, but it doesn’t list them by discount date, so it isn’t as user friendly).