Mobile App

When i go for a vacation i can’t use ergonomically from must have mobile app for phones.


What’s the problem with using the web page on the whatever mobile browser you are using? Never had issues with chrome on android. Everything is pretty well made already?

Why install separate app in the first place when it just works from a browser?


I’m using Chrome but maybe just because of my phone.

We designed the site to be mobile friendly from the start, so I’m sorry to hear it’s not working well for you. What specifically doesn’t work well on mobile?


Don’t give me ideas now :upside_down_face:


Wait, I use chrome too on my phone… Site works beautifully…

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I just use safari (iPhone user here) and have had no issues with Chrono for the most part.

It just lagging so much and slow,maybe my phone is very old.

Browser issues aside, I like the idea of a Chrono app.

Good suggestion, @Zakmaduma!

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Thanks! @GanbaRANGER