Mirage: Arcane Warfare Free on 9/6/2017 for 24 hours!

It isn’t free yet! It will be free tomorrow at 10 am PST 9/6/2017
All the information is at that link above!
Just letting everyone know as a FYI, the #'s for the game sort of tanked so they’re doing it to get them up!

I played it during beta and the free weekend it’s not a bad game just something went wrong and they tanked when they went retail

Plus who doesn’t like free stuff?


That’s a pretty newly released game. I’m guessing they haven’t seen sufficient interest and need more people to populate their servers with. Thanks for spreading the word, I’ll certainly pick it up, not sure I will be playing it though. : )

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I was reading the Steam reviews and quite a few of them say the population is in the single digits, not good for a multi-player only game that came out just over three months ago.


Thanks for the heads up @PineappleChrono ! Let’s hope their free giveaway gambit works.

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I’ve never seen such a low player count :anguished:

Look, it’s a player!.. Nah, it’s a mirage :sunglasses:


wow that all-time peak is so sad.

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how did that happen, the game looked so promising?
personally i loved Dark Messiah “melee 'n magic”, so figured the guys from Chivalry would blow it out of the water with this one (how hard could it be to add magicks :smile_cat: )
whom do we blame, Overwatch or PUBG? :thinking: with such low peak, it makes you question if it’s something with the game itself.
I wonder if people didn’t “get it” or were expecting something different, surely can’t be hero-shooter tiredness/saturation all ready? :confused:

but hey, -free game is still free,
and if the worst happens, (despite revival attempt), can always just put it in the section with all the other dead online games we own :joy_cat:

I don’t understand how they could flop so hard. This game looks fun and even was in my wishlist at some point!
Well I’ll try it when I get my hands on it and hope there will be some decent server population thanks to the free day.

It’s live here…Got It!

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Beside the fact that the game is not so good, Chivalry’s fan - beta players pointed this out so long before. I think another reason is bad timing, people now still crazy playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Every single PvP game release this time will just end up the same.

Just wanted to check out how this was doing after its free day.

The peak of 43k is when the promotion was on but less than a week later and the game has less than a thousand players, give it a month maybe two and I think it will be back to where it was before the promotion. Expect the servers to shut down within a year.

I grabbed it but I have yet to play it. I was kind of excited when it was announced then all I heard was that it was a lesser Chivalry.