minion masters gave me extra copy?

As the title says, bought it with coins, and it gave me an extra giftable copy!!!

thx, i guess


Well, that’s news to us, so yay for everyone! :slight_smile:


yup, seems Mink read the Early Access page right

so “technically” that’s only 1500 coins for the copy then i guess? :smile:
-and the 1500 coins goodwill/“to friend” for the bonus copy :wink:


k so now i want to know why that thread did not show up (for me at least) in the “new” or “unread” notifications here

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Not completely sure but:

New, it’s not a new thread, we just keep updating it every fortnight

Unread, if you aren’t tracking the post then I don’t think it shows up in unread


“new” only applies to X days depending on your settings, so if thread was created, and you weren’t even logged in before those “X settings days” passed “back in the day”, it’s no longer “new” to you, thus doesn’t pop up
“unread” only count’s if you’ve actually participated in a thread prior, be it comment or been “marked read”

aaaaand @nebula7 beat me to the punch lol, much more succinct than i too lol :smile:



ty the both of u

I saw you were replying at the same time and I was like, gotta hurry, can’t get beaten by a gnome


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that’s one sneaky mischievous space-mist :wink:

you can go to your “Chrono forum settings” and change your notifications/ “when a topic is considered new to you”, and change it to “Consider topics new when - since last i logged in” or whatever you prefer, tho depending on how often you log in, and settings made, you can ofc get a fair amount of “new” threads pop up :wink:

im more or less always logged in from when i get up till i go to bed…

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