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Minecraft Classic Version 0.0.23a_01



Are you a Minecraft fan? Well, I’m going to guess you are since you clicked on this topic, and you probably want to find out what that version of Minecraft is and why I’m making a big deal out of it. Well, guess what. That version of Minecraft was re-made to be more stable in celebration of Minecraft’s 10th anniversary coming up very soon. (May 17th) Its completely free, and you can play it right from your browser. All you have to do is go to the following link. No download necessary it will auto-generate a world for you and up to 9 friends to play on. The game will give you a join link you can send to your friends so they can join you.

Note: This is an Alpha release of the game, many, many features will not be present in this game and the controls will be bad. Don’t let this affect your standpoint on Minecraft if you’ve never played it. Minecraft is a great game; “Where your only limit is your imagination.” - Minecraft trailer Basically what I’m trying to say is, just because you may hate this version of Minecraft doesn’t make the new versions garbage. I do suggest you check out the full game.

(Personal preference: Get Minecraft Java edition if any so you won’t have to deal with microtransactions, java edition comes with free mods, shaders, texture packs, skins, and maps. You have to pay for all that on the Windows 10 edition, or at least most of it)

Website Link:


I haven’t tested all browsers as I only use 2, Vivaldi and Chrome. Vivaldi seems to have trouble with the having players join. Chrome seemed to work the first time so if you do do this then I suggest chrome unless you know whatever browser you have works.


I don’t see any point in this unless you don’t own the Java version and were always curious about it.

By the way the classic version was always free to play in a browser years ago. According to this source, it was only taken down because it was never updated to keep up with the latest versions of Java.


I never played back in the really early days so I don’t even know how to place blocks… lol.


You right click once, then left click to place blocks. Then to break after you’d have to right click again then left.


Is it updated now? I mean I own the Microsoft and Java version because I have friends on both and reasons to have both, but everyone is freaking out about this version going free and I just don’t understand why. It is extremely outdated and no longer supported, which should make it worse than the Microsoft version, right?


Right you are.
Boy MC has come far despite Mojang being slow as hell.


I don’t know @Rhyagelle I don’t see the big deal, the new versions are way better in my opinion. Its the very first release of the game so yes its outdated.