Mindseize, Super Retro Maker and Genesis quest (These look awesome)

Check out this game by Kamina Dimension that was on kickstarter called Mindseize. It looks awesome. Unfortunately it is not out, but there is a demo to try on steam. It has already been funded on kickstarter which is great and the estimated release of the game will be January 2020. So it’s not going to be too long until it comes out, which is awesome! The game will be on Windows and the Switch. Not sure about anything else. Go check it out! I found this game from a post from Super Retro Maker, which also is an awesome looking Game maker for Retro styled games. Here’s their main page http://www.superretromaker.com/ There’s one more game I want you all to check out that was on Super Retro Maker’s post. It’s called Genesis quest which is a Legend of Zelda styled game. This also looks pretty awesome. It has the look of Link’s Awakening which is also another great game. Still need to beat that.