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Microsoft buy Obsidian...but Sony have plans to buy Take-Two?


Red deads stability would likely be an issue. I’ve heard the Devs barely got it working on consoles and that’s why they never brought it to PC…such a shame :sob:


You say that as if it’s been decades and they aren’t secretly working on it. Do you remember how long it took to bring GTA V to PC? Yeah. I’ll give it 2 years, 3 years maybe. And every time the CEO or devs are point blank asked the question “is RDR2 coming to PC?” they dance around the question because they don’t know how long it is going to take (and historically gamers aren’t the patient, waiting type).

Monetarily, you can’t really get burned by that specific news: if they do announce RDR2 coming to PC you’re already too late to the investment party, but if that announcement never comes it’s not really hurting the company or investors - it’s just leaving money on the table by not expanding to a potentially lucrative audience (imo). Obviously TTWO is much, much larger than a single game, franchise, or developer/studio, but it would have a material impact to the upside with almost no drawbacks (only major drawback would be post-PC launch if it was a very bad console port).

TL;DR - ports take time. As Snoop Dogg says, “don’t wait, don’t hesitate! Don’t meet me there, beat me there!” Aka you gotta sieze the early buying opportunities before the masses jump on the RDR2 hype train again.


That was Red Dead Redemption 1. RDR 2, though? They’ve no doubt learned from previous mistakes. The issue was that RDR1 was basically a GTA IV total conversion with about 5 GB of extensive mods on top. It sounds convoluted and stupid because it is, and most of the amazing features they were applauded for in RDR are made possible through very specific hacks and cheats that only work on the specified platforms. It’s a total disaster.

You’ll also probably remember that RDR 1 a bugged mess on consoles; definitely nothing too gamebreaking, but some of the issues in the unpatched version of the game make Skyrim look polished. I completely understand why, if it’s true, they have opted to cut their losses on the first game.

That said, RDR 2 probably will see a PC port soon. It just wasn’t a priority yet, or perhaps they needed time to get it right.


Are you talking about RDR, RDR2 or both? It sounds like you thought I was referring to why RDR2 ‘never came to PC’ but I was responding to the comment before me which was referring to RDR. I was trying to explain why the original RDR wasn’t brought to PC (which was explained much more thoroughly by @CptMold) which isn’t to say it can’t or won’t ever be done. If the GTA 5 PC port is your argument then surely you aren’t referring to RDR because that was released almost 10 years ago and that argument wouldn’t hold any water. So I think we’re talking about different things.


Here’s another important thing: after Crackdown 3, where just dropping the name and a sick trailer in 2014 was enough to basically bring the final product down in the public eye, it may not be wise to tease things you have no estimated date for.

Here’s another example: now we know MCC will come to PC. Now I have five burning thoughts in my mind that no answer can satisfy: WHEN REACH DROP? GIMME HALO 1! WHERE ARE YOU HIDING 2? DROP ODST ALREADY! WHERE’S MUH HALO 3?


At least you get Reach first haha. Too bad they are being released one by one but I respect the effort to fine tune each game one at a time. You know they learned from the original MCC release on Xbox lmao


They’re no longer constrained by a physical release, which would explain the pressure to have all games ready at once. The porting effort is also far less extensive this time; they now only have two satellite studios working on the games, Ruffian (Crackdown 2) and Splash Damage (Dirty Bomb/Enemy Territory). With the original MCC, they had to outsource the work to an insane amount of companies just to make it happen.