Merry Christmas! (Giveaway!) [Ended]

Hey guys! Merry Christmas! I hope you’ve all eaten like hobbits and had a really rad day :3

To give back to the group who has given me so much and been so super nice all the time :tulip:, I’d love to host a giveaway. Sorry it’s so late - super busy ^^

So they aren’t the best games/dlc’s but some of you might really like some of these steam games/dlc items.

They are:
-Space Farmers
-The Quest for Achievements 2
-Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West
-Atlas Reactor Meridian Reaper Skin Key
-Trove Skyfire Crown key
-Gigantic HK Heavy Duty Skin Key

This competition will end 4 hours from the time posted (UTC +2 and it being 18:30)


  • Name the game or dlc you’re wanting!
  • You can enter multiple times but only once per game/dlc
  • You have to post a compliment to someone in the community, preferrably someone who comments on this post!

Giveaway will be drawn randomly and the steam code will be privately messaged :slight_smile:

Shout out to @Gnuffi and @Brownie27 for inspiring me :tulip::tada::christmas_tree:


not entering;
-just appreciating the string of gifts going around on Chrono lately :hugs:
thank you @AcornAvenger, and everyone else, for doing stuff like this :+1:, the spirit of giving still alive and well in 2017,
-warms a gnome heart right through :relaxed:

holly jolly X-mas people
and a happy new year to all too :tada:
(don’t blow your fingers off people!)


Also not entering, just a shout out to @Gnuffi for generally being awesome.

Merry Christmas!


I’d like to enter for everything! :smiley:
Gnuffi is a very sweet and generous individual and so are you!


@AcornAvenger thank you so much for doing this! It’s so nice to see so many people who are so nice in this community! And shout out to @Gnuffi for being awesome!

I would like to enter for Torison and for Rebons. Thank you again!


I am entering for Prisioner… I want to thank pulling3r for understanding me in a trade. I was the dirtbag who had a key that did Not work. pulling 3 r realized that a mistake can happen. No big deal just deal with it, or make it Right (Which was done).PS I really don’t think of myself as a Dirtbag…Happy Holidays one and All…


Not entering But wanted to thank everyone for the giveaways and wish everyone a "Merry Christmas!’

P.S. @persistnt …Not. A. Dirtbag!



Thanks for the giveaway! Not entering, just here for the @Gnuffi appreciation :black_heart:


Thank you, @AcornAvenger, for this unexpected giveaway!

And how apt! Today is Christmas, the peak of this “Season of Giving”!

As such, I WOULD like to enter for the following:

  • Space Farmers
  • Prisoner
  • Goocubelets
  • Rebons
  • The Quest for Achievements 2
  • Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West
  • Torison
  • Atlas Reactor Meridian Reaper Skin (DLC)
  • Trove Skyfire Crown (DLC)
  • Gigantic HK Heavy Duty Skin (DLC)

(Essentially, all of the giveaway items being offered :wink: )

Shout-outs to both @Gnuffi and @YQMaoski as well for their generous December giveaways and making this season indeed one “of giving” :smile: !


Sure, I will participate!
I will enter for: Prisoner, Atlas Reactor Meridian Reaper Skin Key, and the Gigantic HK Heavy Duty Skin key.
@AcornAvenger enger thank you for doing this giveaway! Also thanks to @Gnuffi for his holiday giveaway.
Merry Christmas!

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Ended!! Winners will be messaged - and thank you everyone for such lovely comments :heart: You give people hope in this cruel world…
@Gnuffi always gives the best responses. You rock, and I hope I could come up with half-as-good replies as yours one day :relaxed: Keep on being awesome all you wonderful people <3