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not anymore dude, nowadays lots of teachers have actual tools that instantly identify plagiarism


Yeah, it’s crazy, hopefully these tools don’t go overboard. There are a lot of times when impressionable youngsters come across particular voices or phrases and they try to model their own writing behind influences that may be changing their writing very passively in a good way. I don’t want to see them punished for trying to adapt to become better writers. (No personal experience with those. I know that a lot of teachers now ask kids to turn in essays in MS word format by email instead of in person.)


Plagiarism tools just check for verbatim copies of passages or sentences. Including quotes from other works are perfectly fine but there’s an established way to do so, specific ways in which to quote and credit something. If you’re just trying to ape a writing style you’d still have to be careful not to simply lift a sentence from the writer you’re inspired by.


exactly, and u just know there’s at least one 14-year-old zit face in every eighth grade who’s just irredeemably convinced that he’s so much smarter than the teacher and will not get caught copying complete paragraphs online

but yr 100% right though, mouski’s point shouldn’t rly be of concern in this aspect as long as the student (and the teacher, mind u, cuz that can actually be the issue sometimes, rofl) understands what constitutes plagiarism and what doesn’t

I actually worked for that company for a while, cuz i just had no other choice, and it’s just astonishing how some ppl just don’t understand how it works; they have ppl there who run tools on the essays before sending them through, and I had to explain several times how something wasn’t frikkin plagiarism cuz the frikkin passage was in double quotes, with its author identified before or after, and with complete frikkin reference citations (as mentioned in the frikkin job instructions in the first place), but the chimpanzees in whatever jungle they were located in just kept flagging shit cuz the frikkin tool kept highlighting the frikkin passages, and all they understood was frikkin color codes, and highlights meant plagiarism as far as they understood it!!!

so then it had to be escalated to ppl with actual brains a level above to clear that shit out, several times; it was just horrible


I won’t say how many students I encounter in the college environment who still try this stunt. makes me sad every year.


I once proofread a university professor’s book and had him remove tons of parts because it was literally copy pasted from online articles, not to mention he had to remove a WHOLE chapter after I looked into its subject matter because the argument seemed pretty fishy to me and it turned out that the “research” he based that chapter on in fact originated from a prank magazine from the 80s or 90s, which he ofc didn’t know.

The sad truth is that there’s even tons of ppl out there with fake degrees plastered over their walls.


Yes, that is a truly sad fact…



@Inferry ¿Estoy equivocada?

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Da miedo como autocorrect puede ser tan preciso en ocasiones :smile:
it’s scary how autocorrect can sometimes be so precise


i’ve heard from a reliable source a brand new game releases today :smirk:


I have this urge to take a nap :thinking:



And memes:


I read something a few days ago that a college student got dinged for plagiarism…of the student’s own work they posted online.


Human error is always a possibility, sounds like a tired teacher using the tools wrong. Got a link to the something?


It was most likely imgur. IIRC the teacher did a quick google search or something. Then again, it is anecdotal evidence.

I apologize, I tried looking for it, but it’s hard without knowing the title (it could be anything really, even just “.”) so I can find it in my history, and imgur’s search function sucks.


Oh well, cheers for trying.


In those cases you can see the author of the work. So as long as the student’s name was on the submission online they should be safe from the full ‘academic misconduct’ thing.

Fun fact though, if the student is attempting to submit work that they did for something else, that can be technically considered ‘self-plagiarism’ by attempting to pass off previous work as something they have done for this new assignment.


I don’t remember the full details unfortunately, I don’t think it was used for another assignment or anything. I think it was like a blog or something.