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Memes, Memes Everywhere


I‘ve got a flyer in the mail for a new kiosk opening in my neighborhood. Now the dictionary spits out the same word, but I wonder if they‘re really the same.
They‘re small shops where you can buy cigs, sweets and newspaper, you get it.
Now some are nicer than others and sell freshly brewed coffee and some baked goods.
And to stick out from the competition they wanted to come up with a unique name that summed up what they were doing.
Bäckerei (bakery) and Cafeteria.
They must‘ve hired an expensive, skilled agency to come up with the branding and coorporate image!


A whole new strain of convenience.


Food is prepared in 5 seconds, or it’s free.


Anyone else scarred for life? haha



I can’t describe how relatable this is.



I wonder what the kids are up to these days. :thinking:



Die kauwgom ging effe in’t verkeerde keelgat jong



PS, refreshing their page just makes it even better :smile:


when losing a trademark, and your competitor decides to troll the sht out of you:




Now what’s cooler than bein’ cool


Let me see what kind of flavor I want
Hmmm. Do I want, vanilla?
Or do I want a taste of chocolate?
Nah. I want something different, I want something slamming!




:notes: I’m more than a bird, I’m more than a plane :notes:





been enjoying seeing this around lately