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Memes, Memes Everywhere


Someone shared this on one of the Discord servers I’m on, and I felt like I should pass it along.


the hell did you do now Valve ? :no_mouth:


Still haven’t released a game ending in 3.


I don’t know when she’ll be back, but I’d like to dedicate this one for @coralinecastell

And this one is for any Chrome user








do you love KFC so much you wish you had a fire log in the scent of KFC chicken well today is your day.

Yes this is real


you know dudes at Reddit are planning to revive this meme for 1 day on January 1st and post it everywhere






Fixed the third image for ya



I might as well dump this here while I’m at it…

I did have to create a background for that meme from “scratch” (pulling a few color samples from the actual video). There were a lot of graphical artifacts behind Soulja that I didn’t notice before (you can see one of them, though not a serious problem, below his right arm). If you want the original background, well… here ya go. I took a moment to clean up those artifacts and polish up some of the colors before making the final save, but it’s all still a PDN if I need to do anything else. You can probably tell I’m not into graphic design, but it gets the job done if you have something in front of it.






And the memes I found and laughed at:



start dressing up accordingly folks