Me Vouching for They Bleed Pixels

Do you love 2d Platformers?
Do you love Gothic stuff?
Do you love Cthulhu? Okay maybe not this one.
Do you love the concept of Cthulhu?
Do you love pixel graphics?
Do you love that Tentacle Face on the Game’s Box Art?
Do you hate yourself and play hard games?
Okay maybe you just love hard games in general.
Maybe you hate fixed checkpoints in Platformers?

Then this is the game for you.

+1 if you like the Cthulhu in Pixel Graphics
+1 if you like really tight platforming controls and if you miss your moves its because its your fault
+1 if you really like hard games

Okay on to the serious text:

This game is really good. I’ve had this game on my Steam Library for a long ass time now (longer than Super Meat Boy - I believe SMB came out first). It has a kickass soundtrack. It’s not really dark (if you assume it is) but the grim aspects of Cthulhu (like shedding some blood to do shit) is used. Don’t worry there are no mangled faces, only “cutified” pixel mangled faces. The controls are tight as hell - everything is responsive. It doesn’t feel floaty as far as I can tell. Also there are no fixed checkpoints per level. YOU MAKE THE CHECKPOINTS. Also, this game is really hard. No “get your timings right or else” moments (but admittedly there are some times where it feels like that). As far as I can remember there are no boss fights (I could be wrong). Just check the Steam Page or some Gameplay Vids if this comes short.


At some point I’ll have to stop being a turd and finish They Bleed Pixels and VVVVVV. There’s also hardcore mode for Battleblock Theater waiting for my return. And a friend of mine recently gifted me Super Meat Boy too, so it’s another one in the queue. Damn.

You can never convince me to buy that game!!!

…because I already bought it. Months before this sale, in fact.

Will back up the vouch. This game is excellent. Very much on the harder side, but is less pixel perfect than something like Super Meatboy.

Oh fuck the pixel perfection of SMB (especially on the Dark Worlds).

Another thing to mention is that don’t expect ball-bustingly hard levels. Expect “gonna take a lot of your time” levels.