MDK Is free For 48 Hours

Not a Steam key…

“The main objective of the game is to basically shoot everything that moves and everything means every alien you will come across. The one and only way to stop the alien invasion is to kill’em all by any means necessary, such as the smallest nuclear bomb, surfboard-like jet or bomber plane. Your goal is simple - repulse the alien invasion and save the Earth… almost single handedly.”


Used to watch my uncle play this when I was a kid. :smiley:

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I would play it if i could be Simon Phoenix

I loved the sequel on the Dreamcast. I wonder if this one is any good? Anyone have any recent experience?

Up until now i’ve never heard or even seen this game. Is this one of those that a lot of people loved when it first came out, and then it was just eventually forgotten?

That pretty much sums it up.

Never played the original but, like @xist, I remember the sequel on the Dreamcast (which was also ported to the PS2). I don’t recall it being very popular, more like a hidden gem… as hidden as one can be in the Dreamcast’s library. It was also considered to be one of the more challenging games on the Dreamcast.

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I’m Definitely going to at least try it, when i get home today.
I always get kinda interested when i hear of an older obscure game.

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