Mayfair Games is shutting down — here are the best games it published

Board games…Remember them?:thinking: This is very sad. We still have “Game Night” at least once a month at our home.

“Mayfair Games, the American publisher of classic board games including the massively popular Settlers of Catan series, is shutting down. The company announced last week that it would be closing its doors after 20 years in the industry.”


I am a big fan of board games, I have played a few of their pieces, all very well received. This is sad news indeed. I hope more people keep up with having classic board games, we also have frequent game nights at our home. :slight_smile:


Also a big board game fan. Also go to a monthly games night with ~ 15 others.

Being UK based, these games are all published by other companies here, but it’s still sad news that Mayfair is gone.


That’s a bummer. :disappointed: Catan was my first introduction into European board games, and Mayfair produced a lot of quality product. Their presence in the board gaming world will be missed. Hopefully Asmodee will do the back catalog right and give it the respect it deserves.



Seriously though, it is sad to see legends go down. I remember when Waddingtons got acquired by Hasbro in the 90’s. I knew that the classic games they made were going to be butchered.


My mum hated board games, so we never played them, and no one made a big scene about it here, I am also 20 though. so I’m probably not old enough either xD

I wanna play D&D :’(


It’s fairly easy to get started, just find some friends who want to play and look up some basic rules. Maybe there’s a club nearby you that you can get introduced and have a dungeon master who can lead you through the adventure. Definitely worthwhile to look around if you really want to get into it!


alarms sirens

we reached the biggest problem.

and guess what? the only one of these in my local area is the one my ex girlfriend frequents :smiley:
and I can’t even think about her without crying :'D

but when I move everything will be much easier, sick of this fucking north england hick town xD

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There’s always the option to look for a group online and play via Roll20 or the like. Head over to Reddit and check out the r/lfg/ subreddit. I’m sure you can find a game to get hooked up with over there. Sure, it’s not the same as throwing dice :game_die: and slinging the bull around the table, but if you’re looking to scratch that RPG itch, it’s better than nothing.


I am sorry for accidentally triggering the emotions, I think @techparadox has got a good idea going there too. I haven’t played much in recent years, so I didn’t know about the Reddit option.


FWIW, @YQMaoski, I’m in a similar boat. Due to geographical location, I’m unable to get together with a regular group for either RPGs or board games - not without driving 45 minutes or so in one direction. Playing online is about the only option I have right now. I just keep hoping that someone keeps porting more Mayfair Euro-games to things like Tabletop Simulator, so I can at least get a pick-up game or two going every now and then.


@YQMaoski MY LIFE IS INCOMPLETE. haha JK I’m just a no job loser at the moment. I’ll get friends soon.

@techparadox I may look into that, reddit is scary tho.

arranging one here wouldn’t be bad either, but I need a microphone.


Well I tried.


There’s at least 2 different game shops with board game areas and consoles within walking distance of my current apartment, I feel lucky. Great place to congregate and just enjoy games with other gamers. Who cares that I’m in my 30s? I’m still a kid + gamer at heart!


Dude, you should be pimping this more. Gotta hustle if you want to get responses. :slight_smile:


I can’t join in on anything right now xD not without a microphone, but if you do make a page tag me in it please :smiley:


I’m sad about this. My wife and I are avid board game (and D&D too) players, so this is sad news. i’m glad their games aren’t going anywhere though.