Marvel vs Capcom Infinite... could be coming back?

Original Post: Dying in October (May 12)
Inside Sources say MVCI will be shut down in November 24th 2021 :: Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite General Discussions

Seems like things just got way worse for an already failing game. First MvCI was left out of the Capcom Pro Tour and other eSports tournaments… now there’s rumors going around about the fate of the series. It seems like Capcom gathered the five copyright stones and destroyed the franchise with a single snap.

Season 2 is rumored to have been cancelled mid-development. There are three characters almost ready to go, no clue if they’ll release or not, and the 4th character is absolutely gone. If anything comes out, they’ll be individual DLCs instead of a season.

Most importantly: the game will be pulled digitally in October. The source seems to be someone with a lot of credibility when it comes to leaks.

The game is on a Daily Deal right now for $20 (Standard) or $30 (includes Season 1 DLCs… Black Panther, Venom, etc.). Now might be a very good time to pick it up if you’re interested.

UPDATE: “Uncanny Edition?”

…could it be? It looks like Marvel vs Capcom Infinite may actually be coming back! Some leaks indicate that Disney has reached out to Capcom again to kick off the Avengers 4 hype train, as it was the Capcom side that took most of the losses from MvCI.

According to the leak, Capcom requested more creative control than before over the project, which would make sense as previous rumors indicate that Disney oversight choked the development of the game. This in itself could solve many of the issues that plague MvCI, and perhaps it will return to an almost MvC3-ish aesthetic. It has a fairly large budget and a larger development time than the original release.

The “Uncanny Edition” is rumored to have a massive roster expansion, has more Capcom than Marvel, includes several X-Men and formerly FOX-owned characters, and so on. It also has some pretty reasonable character picks, including some Capcom characters I’ve never heard of (that’s a very Capcom-y thing to do) and several characters that were rumored to be added to MvCI/3 in the past but never went anywhere.

More than anything… I just hope this is true. My main man Wesker could ACTUALLY come back!


I’d disagree, sounds like a terrible time. The player base if not dead already will be in a few months and then they’ll stop whatever servers running the matchmaking so you can’t even play anything but SP anyway.

Lets just stop buying licensed game entirely, since they can’t ever seem to get their shit in order and make a lasting viable product.


Marvel vs Capcom has been a consistently great franchise, and I’ve read about the game online from trusted fighting game sources.

For the most part, they agree that the gameplay mechanics are extremely solid. The main problems are the roster (which suffered from the X-Men licensing issues on release as well as overuse of MCU characters, not to mention just small in general with a lot of carried-over content from UMvC3) and its terrible singleplayer campaign. It also looks pretty bad, visually, especially compared to 3.

If you play local, the shutdown probably won’t bother you that much. It’s just that the game won’t even be available to buy soon.

I’m just worried that if it’s a licensing expiration, UMvC3 may be going out the door too. That game is phenomenal, and the PC port that came out this year isn’t half bad either. This is also just disappointing in general as the DLCs were bringing a lot of great characters back into the game that seemed like glaring omissions. For example, I was aghast when I learned that Amaterasu didn’t come back-- it seemed like an obvious pick for the roster with Okami HD about to release. That character was one of the rumored Season 2 characters, so we’ll see where that goes. We did get Black Panther and Venom, though!


Updated the original post with some crazy news about MvCI. If it’s true… I don’t know… just please be true!

By the way, I’ve purchased MvCI since then. It’s a very solid game, but its character themes are trashed, its artstyle is questionable, and on the whole the presentation is kind of depressing having played UMvC3. If they can improve these areas in an Uncanny Edition, it’s a surefire recommendation.

Sounds neat but I really don’t get the decision to throw a huge budget at a game that already did piss poor for them.

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If Disney will pay to see a Marvel related product, and they have a game that most agree could have been saved by a few improvements and adding more characters, it’s possible that an enhanced version of MvC Infinite could both be the cheapest route and a way to correct a massive blunder that hurt Capcom’s rep quite a bit.

That’s my theory, anyway.

Not really relevant to this thread, but I have got into emulation in a big way lately. Loving LaunchBox. Even paid for BigBox too. Amazing program. I have access to so many of Capcom’s arcade Street Fighter franchise games it’s untrue! :wink: Just need to learn how to play them now :confused: