Mark purchased sold-out Coin Shop games as "Already Purchased"

This is a minor suggestion, but it’s one I can see people disagreeing with, so please chime in if you believe this is a bad idea!

While Coin Shop games are still available for purchase, they’re either nice and bright if you haven’t bought them, or greyed out with “Already Purchased”, making it clear which games you’ve bought. Once the games are sold out and moved to the “Past Deals” part of the page, they’re greyed out with “Sold Out” text regardless of whether you bought them.

I think it would be nice to have “Already Purchased” remain on those games that the user has purchased even after they’re sold out, so that they can see what they got and didn’t get while browsing the sold-out games. It doesn’t change the obvious non-purchasability of the game, and it’s pretty clear that the deal is no longer available since it’s in the “Past Deals” section.

As a bonus, perhaps clicking on an Already Purchased game (in any part of that page) should take you to your Orders page, anchored to that purchase? Currently, clicking an already purchased game does nothing.

Both of these suggestions are entirely unnecessary for the site’s function, but I think they’d add a little bit more polish to the experience.


I don’t see why it’d be a problem for anyone, but I also don’t really see the point. Whether you’ve already purchased a sold out game or not doesn’t really matter as no one can buy it either way. If you want to know what games you have purchased there’s a handy order section listing everything, will even tell you if you paid in coins or cash.


It’d be a “problem” in that it would highlight all the games you didn’t get xP
And yeah, it’s pretty pointless. Like I said, it’s just some extra polish. It just feels nice to scroll and see this stuff while you’re in the shop, nice and compact, unlike the orders page. It also puts one’s purchases into context, unlike the orders page.


i thought it already did that, i could have sworn there was something different on the shop games i had purchased while stock remained in the shop :thinking:
or was i just imagining that whole thing ? :man_shrugging:

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While stock remains, yes - games that are still available but that you have purchased are marked “Already Purchased.” Once they’re sold out though, no more distinction.

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hmm i hadn’t noticed that, :thinking: guess i just assumed it “stuck” after too :man_shrugging:

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