Make Supporting Easier

To my knowledge, currently the only way to support someone is to use their custom URL, for example for TotalBiscuit it is

It would be nice if we could somehow set who would we like to support in our account as I’m not going to be able to remember to use his custom url every time I go to make a purchase.


Definitely something we’re looking to tackle this year!

I was giving this some more thought and I came up with a few ways this could be implemented.

Being able to chose someone to support from a selection of some kind could be one way, but there may be some people who for whatever reason don’t want just anyone to support them, as they want it to be more meaningful.

I was thinking of maybe somehow having it, that upon checkout it would ask you for a “Supporters code” of some sorts which could be set to whatever, and typing in the correct code will associate your order with that person. Or, as an alternative following their custom URL would have the same effect and automatically add that supports code to your order.
As a follow up to that, for connivance after you have supported someone once through that method it then saves it to your account (if you create one) so you can easily chose it when you checkout games in the future.

I imagine all of this wouldn’t be easy to implement though, but it’s just an idea.


Those are all great ideas, thanks @Dave247! We’ve considered the code option (which also allows us to do things like coupon codes) along with the account setting. We haven’t decided on any specific way yet, but all of these methods are helpful to our brainstorming.