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make some sort of notifications


to new games in coin shop
i have 17k and i’m losing good games everytime


There ARE notifications, the site asks you if you want to enable them. There’s also a news letter you can sign up for and there’s always a thread posted to the forum whenever new games are added.

Finally they’re on a very predictable schedule of every other Friday a little while after the new deal goes live. But maybe you’d like me to call you personally and tell you about it as well?


I don’t like answering the phone, do you do voicemail instead?


No, you’d probably end up blaming me for missing a deal because you didn’t check your voice mail in time.


I enabled notifications but last time I got the notification, one of the 2 games was already sold out :frowning:
It’s like 2 hours after it comes out that I receive the notifications :2nd_place_medal:


Yea, the notifications are about 30 minutes late, but beyond notifications and telling you every two weeks new deals come out, there’s not much more I think they can do to give you a better warning.


Fireworks :fireworks:, maybe??? Smocke signals :no_smoking:???

Edited for SPELLING!!! The President used it TWO times. So It Has To Be Correct…


That would be great if you could send me a text message once new games arrive :smiley:
That’s so kind of you to offer!


That would be sooo nice. Please put me on your calling list…:thinking:


i could do a post-it note on the fridge ? … not really sure how much it would help tho :thinking:


Can’t you just send me a beeper?


I miss the steam reminder bot that @RumbleFrog made, not that I need notifications it was just neat.


For only 50,000 coins, I will personally call you once new shop games are live.


Well since no one bothered to give me their phone number I’m not going to be calling anyone.

New coin shop game though!

Not even going to @ anyone out of spite.


I’ve never heard of ‘anyone out of spite’ around here. cool username though…


Now I’m tempted to go and make such an account under risk of being banned for multiple profiles :q