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Mafia 2 and 3 + DLC Free if You Own the Originals.



I know some people here are fans of the Mafia games, me being one of them. For those of you who don’t know Mafia 1 is being remade from the ground up, Mafia II is being remastered, and Mafia III well I’m not really sure, I haven’t looked at it. My guess is they just better optimized the game.

If you bought Mafia II and III on steam you will have free upgrades to the new ones,. DLC is also included whether you bought it for the original games or not. If you own Mafia III on console you can pick up the DLC for free and of course get the upgraded Mafia III for free.

One thing to note is the Mafia I remake doesn’t come out until August 28th. This isn’t a series where you need to start from the first game and make your way up. Each game has its own story and characters the only thing is the setting of the game being in different time periods.

Mafia Trilogy Steam


“Mafia remastered Trilogy (Free for some people)”

Perhaps add the word “DLC” in the title
Otherwise people might assume the game is free
The only thing thats totally free is the DLC


Where did you read that Mafia 1 remake is also free for owners of the original? Most articles only mentioned 2 and 3, or did i miss something?

I mean if it’s true i’ll have to get myself the original.


Yes sorry you’re correct, Mafia 1 will not be free. I didn’t look at any articles, I just got on steam and saw I had the 2 games, and assumed that the first would have been free as well and just wasn’t showing up because it wasn’t out. I’ll fix this up.


First one is going to be full remake so i guess it just couldnt be free.


Yea makes sense. Thats most likely why the trilogy is full price.


Since the first game isn’t free, I would like to point out that if you’re a VIP member on greenmangaming you can get the first game at a discounted price. $43 CAD on steam its $50


I changed the title.


It would be cool to have some discount on Mafia: Definitive Edition if you have the original one, but oh well.

The original Mafia is one of my favourite games ever. Full of little details that added to the experience. I’m planning on play it again soon.


I feel like the entire series is underated. Not enough people give them a chance a lot of people just base it on various reviews. I was told Mafia 2 wasn’t a good game, I played it and it’s honestly one of my favourites like quite possibly top 10 games I’ve played.


The first one came out by the time GTA 3 was hitting PC, and suffered because of that, although it was the better game IMO. It also didn’t have the same marketing.

The second had a rocky devolopment. A lot of content was cut and the game kind of lacks compared to the first. But its still a great game with a good story. It’s a linear game in an open world city that doesn’t feel bloated. It keeps the focus and that’s a plus for me.

The third I’m yet to play.