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Mable and the Wood (Free on GOG)


For the next couple of days I think…

(Scroll to where it shows the banner and click on it, it will be automatically added to your library if you are logged in.)


Thanks again!!! you are on top of it today :grinning:


I am doing a lot of work in front of my computer today… so I can be… last few days, on the other hand, I barely had any time to sit down to even eat lunch… :smiley:

And you are welcome.


Taking care of yourself should be priority to work. The work will most likely still be there. Besides the nutrition should help with productivity. Keep healthy my friend.


Thanks, appreciate the thought. :smiley: Definitely taking care of myself, taking next week off to recuperate, relax, and just chill out at home, not go anywhere or do anything…