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LTT giveaway?


i received an email from a jesse snider? is this person real? did i actually win the LTT giveaway?


He is indeed a real person, and you did actually win. :slight_smile:




  1. what is an LTT
  2. what did you win
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Linus Tech Tips its a youtube channel, they have an amazing staff/family you should check them out


oh, I know Linus Tech Tips! I just suck at… acronyms? Initials? Whatever they’re called?

This giveaway looks cool af! Happy for you!


Linus Tech Tips?! Oh my god, congratz!


That’s amazing congratulations!

In other news I didn’t know they had a Chrono store…


oooooh very naicu! congratz! ^^


Both “acronym” and “initialism” work in this case!

tl;dr version:
Initialisms are when it’s the initial letters of each word, pronounced as letters (e.g. LTT, BBC, FBI), as opposed to as a word (e.g. NEET, UNESCO, laser).
Acronyms include both types of abbreviations above, and also when syllables are used instead of (or in addition to) just letters (e.g. Benelux, radar). (Some reserve “acronym” just for NEET-type abbreviations, but this seems less common.)


It’s only an acronym if you can say it like a word. NASA is the common, obvious example.

LTT, FBI, CIA; those are abbreviations/initialisms.




what does “laser” stand for?

Also thanks, wasn’t entirely sure in this case, and the term in Pt-Br is completely different – “sigla”.

ty both for elucidating me on this!! I knew this, somewhere deep down in my worn-out mosquito-eating reptile brain. :crocodile: :yellow_heart:


Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
And radar is RAdio Detection And Ranging.

Physicists like non-initialism acronyms a lot.


When you do work for the government in particular, you learn quickly that it’s incredibly important to make your science sound ‘catchy’ to the layman (ultimately, to politicians). That’s why a lot of those science acronyms seem to bend over backwards to pull together a good sounding word or phrase. I feel like astronomers currently take the cake for this sort of thing - a lot of space projects really stretch the limits of what was once thought possible with crazy project names.


Is not your fault, I mean, how could you know it was about that?

Now to the point, @gloryofsatan, I hate you, why can’t I have your luck :sob:
I mean, yes, I didn’t buy anything to get an entry on that so I couldn’t possibly win, but still, I could have won somewhere else with that luck :weary:

Just jokes of course, congrats on the win, like seriously, it’s amazing :clap:

I find the European Extremely Large Telescope and the almost approved Overwhelmingly Large Telescope to be very classy names.



Trust @Pylinaer to done the whole show. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have no idea if this is true and no intention to attempt to verify it.

Though now that I look closer at it, it’s not even an acronym anyway, ah well.