Low Magic Age Giveaway (2 copies) [Closed]

Dear Chronies all over the world, we have once again been blessed by generous developers who want to share their love for their own games.

Today, we received some extra copies of this never-been-bundled game from Low Magic Studios:

We have allocated 2 copies for our close-knit group here on Chrono.gg.

We will run this giveaway starting right now and ending in 1 week, just in case anyone who has not had a chance to come online recently to also get the message, word by mouth, by PM, by @ summons as we all love to do.

Next Thursday August 30, 2018, when the Chrono daily deal refreshes, @yoshirules and I will be drawing the winners by RNG. And the winners will be notified by Private Messages.

Since we have allocated keys for Public Giveaways as well as here on Chrono, if you see this and you do not qualify for the Chrono-only rules, you are welcome to go to Steam Gifts and try to win one copy for yourself from there as well. (see links below)

###Chrono-Only Rules

  1. To Enter, please enter your name in this thread, say that you wish to enter. If you want to include why you wish to enter, that would be great too, but this is not necessary.
  2. Be a member on or before August 15, 2018 on the forums and have contributed 5 forum posts prior to today. (I will be diligent in checking. And some of our common overseers will help me swim through the lists I am sure.)
  3. Have 5 forum badges.
  4. Please keep in mind that the 24-Hour Private Message response rule that we commonly enforce is still in effect. If you win, you will be notified by PM, and you will have 24 hours to respond to that PM. Once the 24 hours are up and I do not hear back, you will automatically forfeit your rights to this key, and we will be drawing someone else who also entered for this game.
  5. Once again, Drawing will happen on Aug 30, 2018 at Chrono refresh time: 12 PM ET, 9 AM PT, or 5 PM CET. Winners will have the same time by the following day to claim their winnings.
  6. If you win, I hope you enjoy the game. Should you enjoy the game, I hope you help to spread the word about this little gem!

If you did not quality for the Chrono-only giveaway, here are the links for the Steam Gifts giveaways:

(Public, 2 copies)

(IndieGems Group only, but also a public group, 1 copy)

Good luck everyone! May you once again bathe in the blessings from the kind developers from Low Magic Studios and the RNG gods!


Turn-based Tactics you say? I say yes!

Question, can we enter the Steamgifts ones even if we qualify for the one in Chrono?

I used to play RPGs like this one in flash game websites, even though they look simple aesthetically, they have a lot to offer. Here’s an example of one I played in the flash era and now made into Steam, with a new release in the series:

I remember following the development of this game while I was playing the previous, all the effort of the dev to complete the game even through rough times.

oh god, look at all those games I haven’t played yet, I feel very bad >_<


Please do enter the SteamGifts entries if you wish, the more Chronies everywhere, the merrier, I say!


This does look like an promising title, I’d like to enter as well, thank you.


Awesome, as an avid turn-based gamer this one is on my wishlist already.

Count me in please :slight_smile:


Welcome fellow chronoers. I would like to participate in this glorious giveaway.


I believe I qualify :3 I want the game cause it’s been on my wishlist since 08.03.2017! Also no cash =)


sorry to tell ya that rule 2. says you can’t participate…

Why would you say that?
@rzeznik appears to have been a member since April, has 12 badges and far more than 5 posts.


Everyone who has entered so far qualifies under the set rules. :slight_smile:


I believe I, Hivefleet shall enter this giveaway, for it has long been my quest to find good RPG games to play while not running passable RPG games on forums.


This is thor i would love a ticket im a big fan of rpgs


I’m always down for a good rpg
Count me in :stuck_out_tongue:


No I am not entering but thanks for the giveaway.

Between @YQMaoski, @yoshirules, @dkny and Chrono and others who do reviews, My Wish list is taking a life of it’s own. It’s over 1,500…:exploding_head: You need to stop with the reviews and introducing me to games…It has to stop!!! Oh and I forgot poopie @coralinecastell, you too …Lady!


NVM I read august when it says april lol my bad


Never heard of it before but tactical rpgs are one of my fav types of games. I actually added it to my wishlist after looking at it so count me in please.



ARS85 here. I may qualify :slight_smile: I am certainly interested in the game!

p.s. I am in the war.

p.s.s. ...and I am also a sailor who misses his beloved family and friends!


I want to enter.Good luck to everyone who enters btw.


I don’t want to enter, I just want to say that the game is lots of fun because I already own it and whoever ends up getting it is in for a blast


momodem Want to enter this giveaway
Yummy :hamburger: