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Lottery 2: Banner Saga 2, Frostpunk, Dreamstones, Life Is Strange, Furi, and ...


@ohko is the Mafia Don of giveaways now, no one would dare challenge their supremacy. Lol I swear since they got here I haven’t seen anyone else do a giveaway! Is there a way to nominate @ohko for the New user of the Month badge? Hahahaha


I think most of us try to not do giveaways that clash with others, I have been meaning to put one together, but haven’t had a chance recently, been too busy, etc.

The New User of the Month is almost likely going to go to them, not sure who else could be more deserving…





:new_moon: :waxing_crescent_moon: :first_quarter_moon: :waxing_gibbous_moon: :full_moon: :waning_gibbous_moon: :last_quarter_moon: :waning_crescent_moon: :new_moon_with_face: :waxing_crescent_moon: :first_quarter_moon: :waxing_gibbous_moon: :full_moon: :waning_gibbous_moon: :last_quarter_moon: :waning_crescent_moon: :new_moon:

The results are in… :incoming_envelope: :point_left: click the envelope to see for yourself

# @ Harvest Moon Phase Score
  discobot :grapes::strawberry::melon::pear::avocado::corn: :first_quarter_moon:  
1 @NICK9X9 :coconut::pineapple::pear::watermelon::strawberry::corn: :first_quarter_moon: 48
2 @KingJamezJr :grapes::corn::broccoli::tomato::melon::watermelon: :first_quarter_moon: 48
3 @persistnt :strawberry::broccoli::tangerine::eggplant::grapes::pear: :first_quarter_moon: 32
4 @FornnhecaCunha :grapes::tangerine::lemon::watermelon::strawberry::pineapple: :first_quarter_moon: 24
5 @BlivetWidget :coconut::broccoli::mushroom::carrot::avocado::grapes: :first_quarter_moon: 24
6 @chronicleops :broccoli::peach::eggplant::pear::mushroom::strawberry: :first_quarter_moon: 24
7 YQMaoski :eggplant::watermelon::pear::peach::cherries::grapes: :first_quarter_moon: 16
8 DrFlamingo :broccoli::kiwi_fruit::corn::melon::pear::avocado: :last_quarter_moon: 16
9 francot :kiwi_fruit::watermelon::pineapple::corn::broccoli::avocado: :first_quarter_moon: 16
10 lordcaldera :coconut::corn::kiwi_fruit::pineapple::avocado::melon: :last_quarter_moon: 12
11 Duckli :watermelon::melon::avocado::pear::broccoli::kiwi_fruit: :full_moon: 12
12 matia :watermelon::strawberry::corn::avocado::mushroom::coconut: :new_moon: 12
13 ljrounds :cherries::avocado::melon::kiwi_fruit::grapes::mushroom: :last_quarter_moon: 12
14 Pylinaer :cherries::tangerine::melon::coconut::avocado::lemon: :full_moon: 9
15 dogetail :cherries::lemon::pineapple::potato::mushroom::avocado: :first_quarter_moon: 8
16 onLooSe :strawberry::avocado::mushroom::kiwi_fruit::watermelon::grapes: :new_moon: 8
17 Nateninja21 :pear::potato::kiwi_fruit::tangerine::grapes::avocado: :full_moon: 8
18 Doomy :cherries::lemon::pineapple::peach::broccoli::grapes: :first_quarter_moon: 8
19 soulknigth1555 :watermelon::grapes::tangerine::tomato::lemon::kiwi_fruit: :first_quarter_moon: 8
20 GDBringer :watermelon::strawberry::kiwi_fruit::mushroom::grapes::cherries: :full_moon: 6
21 Koroth :grapes::eggplant::kiwi_fruit::melon::pineapple::watermelon: :last_quarter_moon: 6
22 DontBeSilly :broccoli::pear::lemon::tangerine::corn::carrot: :full_moon: 4
23 Danacscott :peach::melon::potato::lemon::coconut::pear: :new_moon: 4
24 rzeznik :strawberry::tangerine::coconut::tomato::watermelon::grapes: :new_moon: 4
25 zoex :peach::tangerine::coconut::kiwi_fruit::potato::pineapple: :first_quarter_moon: 4
26 M00 :watermelon::pear::avocado::kiwi_fruit::lemon::cherries: :last_quarter_moon: 4
27 CreatureFeet :avocado::peach::kiwi_fruit::corn::pineapple::broccoli: :full_moon: 4
28 AHMEDJXZ :pineapple::cherries::peach::grapes::coconut::strawberry: :new_moon: 4
29 highfleetbothan :carrot::lemon::corn::potato::pear::mushroom: :full_moon: 4
30 erectobot :peach::melon::lemon::potato::coconut::pear: :new_moon: 4
31 Scribesake :lemon::kiwi_fruit::strawberry::tangerine::coconut::melon: :last_quarter_moon: 4
32 Fraggles :lemon::broccoli::potato::carrot::corn::mushroom: :full_moon: 2
33 Vindace :strawberry::potato::watermelon::mushroom::pineapple::carrot: :new_moon: 2
34 wasabiyoyo :tangerine::lemon::corn::carrot::eggplant::coconut: :full_moon: 2
35 rporter711 :cherries::tomato::strawberry::watermelon::mushroom::peach: :last_quarter_moon: 2
36 Glider :avocado::coconut::cherries::kiwi_fruit::watermelon::broccoli: :new_moon: 2
37 Riouz :peach::pineapple::broccoli::avocado::eggplant::mushroom: :new_moon: 2
38 greg0r :pineapple::broccoli::kiwi_fruit::avocado::carrot::tomato: :last_quarter_moon: 2
39 coralinecastell :avocado::watermelon::peach::tomato::coconut::broccoli: :new_moon: 2
40 scar1 :peach::eggplant::corn::kiwi_fruit::coconut::carrot: :full_moon: 2
41 Mosky :broccoli::peach::potato::kiwi_fruit::carrot::watermelon: :full_moon: 1
42 sluz :eggplant::coconut::kiwi_fruit::mushroom::potato::pineapple: :new_moon: 1

:rotating_light: Winners, please reply to my PM :rotating_light:

  1. Based on your placement, (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc), you will create an ordered list of your preferred prizes

    • If you placed 1st, you only need to include one (1) choice. First place is guaranteed their pick.
    • If you placed 2nd, you only need to include two (2) prize choices
    • If you placed 3rd, you only need to include three (3) prize choices
    • and so on…
  2. Order your choices with your most preferred game on top of the list and least preferred game on bottom

  3. Example: @FornnhecaCunha placed in 4th and will make a list of his/her four (4) choices out of the six (6) available prizes and send it to me. The list will be ordered with their favourite choice at the top of the list and least favourite at the bottom.

Runners up :running_man::running_woman: :running_woman: :running_man::running_woman::running_man:   :running_woman: :running_man:     :running_man:

You will be eligible to pick a prize if people that scored above you decline an available prize. This happened in Lottery 1 so it could happen again!

Disqualified :japanese_ogre:

  1. Franck225 – insufficient non-GA contributions
  2. Towos2442 – insufficient non-GA contributions, invalid Harvest selection
  3. Arcsurvivor – invalid Harvest selection
  4. PoM07 – insufficient non-GA contributions
  5. StarsJumper – insufficient non-GA contributions
  6. DimTheDin – insufficient non-GA contributions
  7. yitzilitt – invalid Harvest selection; submitted after discobot dice

We do our best to qualify everyone who wishes to participate. In most cases, we reached out to these people and asked them to fix their entries before the end of the lottery. Be sure to read the instructions carefully :fairy:


I think this ended up being more interesting than Lottery 1. Let me know what you like/dislike about it and perhaps we’ll run it again.

Many thank you to everyone who participated :pray:


Gratz to winners :slight_smile:


Great work tabulating it all! You make it look so neat and clean!

It’s amazing with the complexity of the algorithm that there are still so many tied final scores.

And congrats to the winners! :slight_smile:


WOW I GOT SECOND PLACE. Thank you. Do i send the list in the forum or in the dm?

Edit: i think the idea is really cool but i honestly enjoy seeing all the crazy ways you do giveaways so if you want to keep making more ways keep on doing it but this is an overall cool way as well (I also like all the pretty colors i see with all the emojis) i like it almost as much as Garfield Kart .


Thanks for the lottery!

I really like how neat, colorful and organized is the ranking table :wink:


I still feel terrible when someone gets disqualified so I made a list here for you to see what your score/position would’ve been if you were able to fix your entry before the end of the lottery –

# @ Harvest Moon Phase Score
  discobot :grapes::strawberry::melon::pear::avocado::corn: :first_quarter_moon:  
14 PoM07 :pear::strawberry::broccoli::cherries::potato::melon: :last_quarter_moon: 12
21 Towos2442 :mushroom::avocado::mushroom::avocado::mushroom::avocado: :full_moon: 8
24 DimTheDin :grapes::carrot::kiwi_fruit::peach::corn::cherries: :full_moon: 6
33 Franck225 :lemon::pear::grapes::peach::pineapple::watermelon: :full_moon: 4
35 StarsJumper :broccoli::corn::potato::tomato::strawberry::eggplant: :last_quarter_moon: 4

@Towos2442 picked non-unique Harvest items so the score can’t be counted. @Arcsurvivor and @yitzilitt only picked five (5) Harvest items so their score could not be determined.


Cool giveaway, hf winners and thank you for hosting.


Congrats to all especially to @NICK9X9. Do you feel like doing my draws for me next time, fam? :joy:


I love how much everyone enjoys the scoreboard of emoji. I really like this too! When it all comes together, there’s just something about it…

All winners have been notified by PM. I will distribute prizes as quickly as possible as people begin to reply. Time for lunch now :yum:


Lovely and very eye catching giveaway. Congrats to the winners and thanks to @ohko for running such interesting contests. :slight_smile:


Eighth place! That’s pretty good, especially considering I’m the highest-scoring wrong moon sign. Still, congratulations to the winners, and I look forward to next time.


Ooooft, 2 whole points :laughing:

I agree, the scoreboard of emoji goodness is quite beautiful, and just adds to fthe fun of these G.A’s.
Definately more fun than Lottery 1 too, i.m.o.

Congrats to winners, commiserations to losers and those who were DQ’ed (come on guys, listen ot the helper fairy! :fairy: ) , and many thanks once again for another fun giveaway Ohko :pray:


Another great giveaway comes to an end, congrats to the winners and thanks to @ohko @RaccoonV and @DontBeSilly for the chance!! :+1::raised_hands::grin:




It’s closed for entries. I would have edited the title, but I don’t touch other people’s stuff especially when this happens in almost every giveaway and no one seems to care :smiley:

Thanks for the amazing giveaway and congrats to all the winners as well! Cheers!


did i win