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Lottery 2: Banner Saga 2, Frostpunk, Dreamstones, Life Is Strange, Furi, and ...



This is real epic of you to do all of these giveaways


not sure if i can joy this lottery

but i would like to test my luck
:broccoli: :peach: :eggplant: :pear: :mushroom: :strawberry: :first_quarter_moon:


:cherries: :avocado: :melon: :kiwi_fruit: :grapes: :mushroom: :last_quarter_moon:

Thanks for the lottery!




Thanks for the lottery again and thanks to those who are supplying the games! Good luck everyone! :grin:
:grapes: :eggplant: :kiwi_fruit: :melon: :pineapple: :watermelon: :last_quarter_moon:


Thanks for entering @chronicleops. In order to qualify for entry, you just need to participate in some of the other threads before the lottery ends. You have a two (2) days to make two (2) more posts in non-giveaway threads :fairy:

This qualification aims to shift a take (me) mentality towards a give (we) mentality. We’re happy to host giveaways but we ask everyone to contribute to what makes our community great. You might not have games to give away, but everyone has something to offer – maybe share your unique perspective or an insight on something that’s influenced you.



Not 100% sure if this is the right way to enter


:cherries: :lemon: :pineapple: :peach: :broccoli: :grapes:

I see, you crafted this one specially for me, account just over a week old and I have 2 posts :joy:


dunno bout that but every once in a :new_moon: i do harvest my :eggplant: and :coconut: fields so i can make my famous :kiwi_fruit: and :mushroom: soup and :potato: :pineapple: cake for dessert. you’re all invited.

tnx for the lottery and gl all!


Actually it’s for all of the people that have been on the boards for a long time and only post in the giveaway threads. I explained it a little more in this reply to @chronicleops, just above.

Thanks for entering @Doomy. I’m sure you’ll find something else you can share with us before the end of this lottery :bread: :duck:


I really like your entry @sluz :+1:

So much that I think it might be a fun requirement to have entrants tell a story using the emojis provided. I might test this out in the next round :thinking:


I found it interesting but wasn’t sure if it qualified so I left it to you :laughing:


well tnx, it just felt natural to include them ingredients to showcase a few of my lovely, albeit unusual recipes…


I went to great lengths to remove “rules” from the contest, even though there are still some things that can deny entry. As long as the How to enter section is followed, there’s no rule saying your post can’t contain other things :fairy:

As for @rzeznik’s entry, well, I’d wish for him/her to “fix” it, but I suppose I didn’t make a “rule” stating only the emojis can be used for entry. It’s one of those things where you think one would see the other dozens of entries and learn through observation, but who knows? :woman_shrugging: :man_shrugging:


:pineapple::cherries::peach::grapes::coconut::strawberry: :new_moon:

Gotta say that’s pretty cool idea tho…
But hey what if we all choose the same stuff in the same order… :joy:


Score ties are resolved by entry timestamp – an earlier entry will score higher :fairy:

But yeah, I really don’t foresee people making that kind of coordinated effort :laughing:


Now this is too unique not to try…


Thanks for the opportunity to see something new!


Thanks for another giveaway!!:full_moon_with_face:


:watermelon: :grapes: :tangerine: :tomato: :lemon: :kiwi_fruit: :first_quarter_moon:

I want furi or frostpunk :c



Good luck everyone!

i love the avocado salad :sweat_smile:
(i’m just going to fake enter :stuck_out_tongue:)