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Lots of Batman Games on Sale at Green Man Gaming



All Steam keys from what I can see. I have a code but It didn’t work for me; Could be I didn’t spend enough But you can try it…AUTUMN15

Some of the games are 50 Cents US:

Also have some bundles you can check out(Not Batman):


I had gotten their Superheroes Bundle with these same games. Flubber. I could have waited but who would have seen this coming?

Also also, I wish the Strategy Bundle wasn’t STILL out of stock. T_T

Cheers for the links. :heart:


Thanks, got myself Arkham Asylum, still missing Arkham Knight from my Batman collection, but in the future i’ll get that last piece of the puzzle. :slight_smile:


Did you get a Voucher too?


I did get it, but i didn’t think it’s worth paying 6.50€ right now for something that i currently have through family share and 13 hours in it.