lost streak?

Just lost my streak despite having clicked yesterday? really?!

You probably missed it and don’t realize it, maybe there’s a bug but highly unlikely.

Here’s a response from a staff member to someone in another thread.


Keep in mind the coins reset every 9 AM Pacific Time (and Pacific Time observes Daylight Savings Time making it PST or PDT depending on which half of the year this is). I don’t know what timezone you’re in, but here is a link that I think converts Pacific Time (should automatically determine PST or PDT) to your computer’s local timezone.

I hope that link works.

Also, 9 AM Pacific Time is also when a new Chrono.gg deal happens. Having both cycle simultaneously is intentional because then we can see the new deal while collecting that day’s coins.

Yea, that happend to me, it sucks. They should add those push notifications that Chrome uses for YouTube/Facebook so at least we don’t miss it entirely.