Lost progress as one date got double counted

09/20/2017 two times on my list …kinda lame iam hardly use the coins but its fun to get them streaks .
Feels bad when something happens like this :frowning:
Sorry not native English so forgive me for my gibberish :wink:

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double date can appear as because of a chest reward (not saying you did, but another user mistakenly counted their chest date as a separate action when added to their personal calculation)

the most likely reason for this is “pushed/delayed” coin-collection/“syndrome”
what can happen is you can collect coin at 8.59am PST at X-date and then again 2mins later at 9.01am PST the same date
reason being coin is available for 24 hours, so at what time you collect is up to you, but if the time for the previous day’s release happen to pass date time threshold, that click still counts as for the “previous” day’s coin, as the sale/coin time hasn’t been renewed yet

so if you start of, by clicking at 8pm/20.00, and then gradually clicks coin later and later, until one day where you don’t get it done in the evening but first in the morning/afternoon the next day, the coin is still technically the “old coin”, but ofc will be at the “new date”.
and so when sale/coin is reset at 9am PST, and this time you click after sale reset as usual, you will have 2 clicks the same date,
but it doesn’t “save” over to the next day/date, just because you have 2x date in log, it still only counts per coin click/sale refresh cycle

an example (click the “down” arrow symbol to the right to make it unfold and show image)
see it looks like i missed a day between yellow and red boxes, but in fact i didn’t, the coin just got pushed past date threshold but before sale reset. Yet i would still need to click the day after, because 2x same date wouldn’t carry forward, as 1 was technically “old”

hope that helped and made some sense of it

and other talks on the topic of pushed coin/missing a day

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