Lost my streak?

I just found out I lost my 190 day streak on 17 October (or at least around that day, since I now have a 60 day streak). 17 was a tuesday, so I can’t think of any reason for me to have missed the daily deal. Is there any way to check this out? I’m pretty sure I haven’t missed any day since this summer at least.

At the bottom of the coins page is a list of all transactions, which tracks the date and amount of coins you have received.
Click on “View more transactions” and search for 10/17/2017. If its not there and you do not have two entries for 10/16/2017 or 10/18/2017, then you must have missed it.
Unfortunately, no time is displayed, which would be really helpful for this kind of problems (@lonin :pray:)

Thanks for the tip, 17 is indeed missing. Genuinely have no memory of missing one, but at least now I know it wasn’t a bug or anything.