Lost my coin streak

Lost my coin streak at 29th of day. Whole month I was grinding through. I was clicking coin yesterday --.–

I just lost my streak right now too. I was not at 29 but still.
It’s the second time that this happens. First I thought i maybe missed a day but this time I am a 100% sure that i clicked yesterday’s coin. No room for error.

i lost my streak at 38 days so i know how it feels, and I was certain I have been clicking every single day

Lost my coin streak too, at 25. I am 100% sure i clicked the coin yesterday, but now I’m back at day 1.

Start making screen shots. I would really be upset if I lost my streak.

I use Greenshot. It’s simple to use and it can be set up to upload to Flickr, DropBox, Photo Bucket, Picasa and it has a image editor. http://getgreenshot.org/

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I used to do screenshots, but then Ionin convinced me that this isn’t actually anything to worry about. Apparently they’ve managed to resolve the issues for the individuals they’ve contacted thus far.

I lost it once. I think I wouldve won brigador should I hadn’t. Im currently aiming to complete my first month. I will write Chorno.gg on my desktop’s wallpaper in order not to forget it.

Screenshots are a waste of time when you could have just done this:

I’m not saying anyone’s lying but you could be and a screenshot is not evidence to the contrary.

What I would suggest for anyone who’s really paranoid is to not click the button very close to the time it switches (before or after) and to disable/clear your cache beforehand. I can see those two factors being the most likely causes of these issues.*

*pure speculation

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