Lost Coins

Does one earn coins for purchasing a game? I didn’t notice during my first few purchases whether or not my coin count was increasing. Prior to my latest purchase I began suspecting that coins were not being given to me for buying a game. Today I decided to pay attention to my coin count when I bought the game. My coin count did NOT increase. If you are not supposed to earn coins when you buy something & only earn coins just for logging in, then priorities are a little screwed up. Please explain how the system works & if you are supposed to earn points for buying games. If so, could you please adjust my coin count accordingly for the number of games in my account, I have purchased a number of games here…

There is indeed no coin reward for purchasing games, so don’t worry, there is no bug on your side.
I think it has been suggested a few times, but for as for now you aren’t supposed to earn coins when purchasing a game.


The point of coins is to get you coming back daily to look at the daily deals and possibly discover games you’d never heard of, instead of just coming here when you hear a game you already want is on sale here. Coins are not a reward for buying games - the game and the warm feeling of having saved money are the rewards for that!


^this right here

buying a game either on a (desired) impulse purchase or with good discount on Chrono always inspires joy-joy feelings in me :smile_cat:
tbh (even when/if i don’t buy) Chrono’s daily deals function sorta like steam’s discovery que for me, just much much better :smiley_cat:

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