Looking for an extra copy - Minion Masters

Hey there lads!

Would anyone be willing to trade one of the available games from the coin shop right now for a copy of Minion Masters?
Would like to get it for a friend of mine aswell!


Yo, no offense, but the whole

  • joined mins ago
  • asks to trade a free copy for better stuff
  • female profile pic
  • starts thread clearly aimed at men

makes this seem cheesy :sweat_smile:


Haha, that totally wasn’t my intention :smiley:

I’ve never bothered to sign up since i’m not an avid forum reader / lurker or whatever.
Should’ve specified that i actually would trade up the coins for any other game currently available in the shop, since you can only buy stuff once.

Regarding that profile pic, it was from long forgotten times, guess it kinda saved it up somewhere … weird :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: apparently it was linked to my mail :stuck_out_tongue:


considering minion masters is in the coin shop too, (and we can only get 1 copy each from coins) -i’d say there is nothing cheesy or unreasonable about that ask, certainly not trading up for “better stuff” considering everything, like price etc, :wink: (if Goochii is trading “everything” in shop that is)


Oh but I heard everybody gets a second copy when buying it in the coin store and that’s why I kinda misread this lol
sooo OP should get a second copy anyways I thought… :confused:

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That is in fact true - however i’d need it 3 times overall (so that’s one i am still missing out on), and i thought before i’d buy it i’d rather ask here since i’m sitting on 20k+ Coins and got no clue how to ever spend those anyways hehe


not a bad idea to ask either, since some people have already mentioned they got spare copies of that game lying around because of that bonus, they might be willing to trade or something maybe, without much shop interaction at all


Okay, cool, so yeah I’ll get you the game and you buy me something nice? xD I never made it past a 10 day streak thanks to the captchas mentioned in another thread :rofl:


Sure man, no worries, i won’t mind the price either, just PM me what you’d fancy and i’ll get it done :smile:


that moment when you click on cute kitteh icon to enlarge to be able to read the text, -and the text isn’t at all what you expected for a kitteh :confounded::grin:


haha … yup :smiley:
that nice little passive agressive monster :stuck_out_tongue: