Looking for a Minecraft Java key for da kidz

They don’t accept my purchase on the site itself, probably cuz I’m in Egypt but my card is US-issued.

I can either gift something on Steam in return (provided your region uses dollars or Steam doesn’t block the gift due to regional issues) or buy a Steam key for something on Humble.


I don’t have a copy I could give, but have you tried other stores that sell Minecraft Java? Like Amazon? They should have it there, that’s where I bought one of mine from.


I can only find console and mobile versions on amazon, I think the java version is only available through Mojang directly.


I have tried Amazon indeed; it’s the only other non-grey marketplace I could find in fact, but same result; they dont accept the transaction, probably for the same reason.


they do have it:


If the problem is being in Egypt, could you use a VPN for the USA? Though I think the credit card company might disable your card if they see “suspicious” activity.

I’ve never played minecraft. But it wasn’t either of these?

Sorry I don’t know the difference from Java.

Technically I can go to walmart or game stop or best buy to buy this gift code for the game. $20-something right? Let me know. I try to stay isolated but I wouldn’t mind dropping by some time next week.


Using a VPN is illegal here, and I take care not to do anything illegal especially here, cuz i dont want to give them a “reason” for whatever. I’d also not take any chances with my card as it is how i get my salary from the US to my local bank account.

I rly appreciate you wanting to do this (remember i could only pay you back in Steam games or Steam codes from Humble); it’s $27, but I rly don’t want you to have to physically go somewhere to buy the game, especially if it interferes with the current situation and might actually put you at unnecessary risk.

It is just a game after all, and though they have been wanting it for years now, I’m sure they can wait a bit longer too if they have too (though i made the mistake of telling them i was going to buy it before trying to do so [foolishly thinking the transaction would be accepted as it regularly is on EGS and Humble]). I also asked my mom [who has a Belgian card] and a local friend [French card], but those also failed :disappointed:)

(it’s the first one you linked btw, NOT the Windows 10 one, which they wouldnt be able to use)


ty vry much too you and the other person who also reached out to me on steam

Someone who wishes to remain anonymous has taken care of it

the kids are going nuts with joy :joy:

they’ve been asking me for this game for years and i just couldnt get it, but now finally it happened :sweat_smile:

ty to this great community!


That’s great news!

Thank you Anonymous!


This is such a great community…:hugs: for all!!!