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Looking for a fun FPS with map editor (like Far Cry 2)


Hi friends, it’s Matt here!
Me and my gaming buddies have been playing Far Cry 2 for many years and created quite a few good maps to play Deathmatch against each other on. But we’ve been wanting to try something new, with different weapons, more modern polish and less bugs (dem hitboxes!), but we haven’t found anything of similar quality yet.
FC3’s multiplayer is a bad joke, with no Free4All mode and (as far as I know) no map editor. I don’t know what FC4 has to offer, and I don’t know the FPS scene enough to come up with any other game that might have what we’re looking for.

So if any of you can suggest a game that has
a) a good, in-depth map editor
b) the standard batch of game modes (including ffa deathmatch, idk what they were thinking when they made FC3 :angry:)
and c) can be played via LAN (not neccessarily though, since we might as well just play it over internet via Steam),
me and my friends would be eternally grateful! :smile:


What about Operation Flashpoint (also known as ARMA Cold War Assault)? I spent hours on that game and it has a mission editor.


Halo -cough cough. When it comes out.


SPV3? Just a thought.


Not sure if VR is an option, but Pavlov outright accepts Unreal Engine 4 maps if I remember correctly.


I’m not sure if it’ll meet your needs 100%, but this is pretty fun. You can also build levels as a team with other players.


There’s a map contest too!


Doom 2016?


counter strike global offensive?


Thanks for all the suggestions! I’ll look into all of them and hopefully find something that suits our little group. You guys are amazing! :smile:


Minecraft and maybe some mods


Minecraft as well as Gunscape are not really our thing, that blocky style is really not ours, sorry :see_no_evil:

From what I’ve seen so far, Doom 2016 looks the most promising, and I already have it in my library, so I can check out SnapMap and what kinds of user maps there are already. I already heard great things about the gameplay :smile: