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Lonin Secretly Maverick from Top Gun?



Guy with glasses=fictional character
Why wasn’t I surprised.


He secretly dances to this every night…I heard…


Does he do it in front of a mirror? Or, like at the end of the video, while in bed, staring at the ceiling? lol :stuck_out_tongue:

that video did it, Delenn. Now I must watch the movie soon


NOT telling…:star_struck:


Honestly, there’s like 0 similarities other than glasses :confused:


Lonin just needs to wet his hair.

He rides a motorcycle.
He flies a fighter jet.
He has a blonde hair girlfriend… with red lipstick.
He has a mole on his left cheek (face and/or butt?).

I mean how many more similarities are you looking for?!

disclaimer: All of these similarities come from the games Lonin plays


HAD a blonde hair girlfriend. Now a brunette with… Some color of lipstick in Top Gun: Maverick.

Also lonin will need aviator sunglasses.