Log In Problem - iOS, Safari, Private mode

I’ve encountered a problem logging in from an iOS device, using Safari in Private mode. When the “Sign In” button is tapped it becomes “… Processing” but it appears to hang there. The “…” animates in what I assume is the normal, intended manner but the login never completes. Note that this only occurs if the password is correct; if incorrect the password field turns red, which again I assume is the intended behavior.

The problem is clearly tied to Safari in Private mode (possibly only on iOS; I don’t have a reasonably recent version of OS X to check). I normally use Vivaldi in Private mode on my Windows desktop with no problems.

I’ve duplicated and verified the problem on two separate iOS devices, using two different versions of iOS (9.5.3 and 10.3.1). I have no idea whether it’s possible to work around whatever quirk in Safari Private mode is at play, and it might not be worth the time and effort to do so for such an unusual edge case in any event, but I figured I’d report it in case one of the good folks at Chrono is desperately looking for something to do in their copious free time.

I am running macOS Sierra and can attest this behaviour with Safari 10.1 (currently the most up-to-date version). Logging in normally without using “Private Mode” works just fine though. I suspected this is happening because Cookies are blocked off in “Private Mode” but I haven’t tried it with a Chrome-based browser.
Turning off Ad-blocker or WebGL, clearing caches and cookies did nothing to resolve the inability to login into Chrono.gg while using private mode.

EDIT: Using the community page while in “Private Mode” with browser extensions on works with no problems at all.

Definitely something we’re aware of, it’s a bug that’s existed for awhile that we just haven’t had the bandwidth to fix. Promise we’ll get to it eventually, apologies for the inconvenience!

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