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Listen to "Hamilton" for Free!



I hate CNET. It used to be so good…eons ago. But I could NOT pass this up. You can also hear in on SoundCloud and Apple Music. Hope you enjoy!

"Let me pause here to address the skeptical, because I used to be among you. I had zero interest in Hamilton, so it was only grudgingly that I accepted birthday tickets to the show. I don’t really like musicals, and I really don’t like hip-hop. Sit through two hours’ worth, all about a guy I barely remembered from history class? Sigh. If I have to.

Full stop. To say I’m a convert is an understatement. I now listen to the music constantly. I’m reading Ron Chernow’s Hamilton biography. I’m utterly fascinated by the history, and every time I play the soundtrack, I learn more about how it dovetails with the real story. The lyrics are amazing; the music, fantastic.


I really want to… I have only heard bits and pieces of it. But I don’t have any of those apps/accounts and I don’t want to register for anything or download anything to install at this point. Thanks though!


I am a bit busy now but I will see what I can do. I may just swing over to the library tomorrow if I get a chance. And I have a current ripper…:innocent:




NOT me!!!I love them!!!:heart_eyes::heartpulse::sparkling_heart::heart: That’s a quote from the article…


I use Soundcloud daily and I can tell you that you can listen to anything that’s not premium only (which is like 0.5% of everything) completely for free without any app or addon, no registration needed, no strings attached :slight_smile:


No need to be too defensive, I was really trying to be more playful than confrontational. (although I didn’t put to much effort into the post, so that is largely on me).

I honestly don’t know if it is possible to hate ALL musicals as a rule.


/looks at @delenn13 :eyes:

Did you expect this Inquisition?



If you haven’t figured it out yet, I have no shame!


I figured you were talking about this Inquistor…