List of all the people in the partners program.

I’m looking for a list of all the people in the partners program.
Is there just the people on or this there a complete list somewhere ?



No, there are more affiliates than listed on that page. There is a list, but it takes a little bit of knowledge to find it (and definitely isn’t designed to be accessible). I don’t know if is interested in disclosing the full list, so I’ll let them say more if they’re happy to.

I think I know the list you’re talking about. A bunch of the folks on there are potential partners or us putting them in the backend as a ‘maybe we’ll work with them someday’ or even just to have the page not 404 when linking to it. So it’s not entirely accurate - would rather you not post it just yet : )

Good find though!


Cool, thanks for clarifying. I was curious as to why some people were on there and they haven’t done anything in the realm of promoting the site. Now I know :slight_smile: