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Lets talk about GPUs (( Graphic Cards ) i need some suggestions )since most of us are stuck at home or bored at work.


I know, it’s absolutely stupid.

the 16 series uses the Turing microarchitecture like the 20 series, whereas the 10 series uses the older Pascal.


Oh yea, I forget there are variants of the 570 with more than 3GB of VRAM. I still wouldn’t suggest the card. So much better to just save up. :sweat_smile: but yea I don’t think the 570 is that much better even with all the VRAM than a GTX 970. :thinking:


Actually i wasnt even aware that there is anything below 4 gb vram these days :smiley:


2060’s They are little bit more price friendly but range of specs and manufacturers are also pretty wide. From 350eu with 6GB VRAM to almost 550eu with 8GB VRAM and a lot of different variants in between. I get 3 pages of 2060’s in my local hardware shop website lol. Any specific manufacturers to avoid though, maybe even in general?

2060 could be my alternative if 2070 wont drop it’s price in a near future.

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2060 Super (2060S) or 2060 KO if you can.

I mean, not really, but I would tell ASUS to stick it on principle for how they handled their 5700XT debacle.

It appears that the 2060 KO is EVGA only, but I wouldn’t stress too much if you can’t find one reasonably cheap.


When it comes to manufacturers my personal experiences have been really good with Gainward and MSI in the past, both from a reliability and value standpoint.


Must say that i never heard or seen anything made by this manufacturer in my life so it might not even be available here . MSI on the other hand is pretty widely available though market is pretty much owned by Gygabite and ASUS down here.

Doesnt seem to be avaible down here. So i will browse through supers and see what’s up there.


So it seems that AMD GPUs are 15 to 20% cheaper for the same specs as Nvidia ones , what gives? Is it a general quality thing or Nvidia is just charging extra for the brand name?

I see that i can easily get 8GB VRAM card from AMD below 400$ while to get one from Nvidia i would need to pay at very very least 450$ .


AMD is the underdog in this situation so they are competing using price to performance. However, this also means they have less resources for driver updates and quality of life features.

If you don’t care about streaming, Ray tracing, and/or having multiple screens, then AMD will likely serve you well. Word is that they have fixed most of the egregious bugs in their drivers bar specific use cases.

Also, I’m hearing that the new consoles will likely release at the end of this year, so new graphics cards are probably going to be a next year thing.