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Leisure Suit Larry Bundle (Fanatical)


1.99 Bundle:

Just in case anyone wanted this, I know it has been at similar prices before.


As I read this I started already hearing the Leisure Suit Larry Theme… :slight_smile:


so wrong but so many memories… i remember when i was five or six, we often went at my mom’s friends place for supper and their computer only had that game on it… it was way before i start learning English so i didn’t know how wrong it was.

idk if there’s any larry’s specialist here but the one i remember started with larry tied to a bed and there’s a fire in the room, you could ask him to piss on the fire and he would reply " i would love too… but as you can see my hand are tied."


For some reason I believe that’s Love for Sail, the last one. The first LSL game I ever seen was in 6th grade, I went over to my friend’s house and her older brother was playing the 6th one. He immediately switched over to Space Quest 5 when he saw us come in lol. Reality just hit me of what was going on… … … :scream:


Oh Leisure Suit Larry… that series was before my time (except Magna Cum Laude, which I played the demo of when I was too young to understand what was going on). But a YouTube person I really look up to, Dan Avidan, is a big fan of the series, and I’ve seen him and Arin play the new game, and that one actually looks like a ton of fun.


I got this in one of the other 3-4 times the bundle was offered. They’re good old games except for Magna Cum Laude which is a crappy game. FYI the Steam version of these are actually the GOG version sold under Steam.


I also have the Kings Quest and Quest for Glory series, only missing Space Quest.


What about Police Quest?


Never got into it.


Now that I’m an adult I like it way more, especially the 4th one. That still gives me the creeps.